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I am indeed indebted to ducktapeddonkey for noticing this.. first came the vibrator, and now, Rabbit Fever - the Movie (caution: audio auto-starts). And as Germaine Greer is quoted in the trailer, "Rabbits are good at pleasure". =:)

I'd seen Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks, and there've been some other quite good animated adventures, but I'd never known of Tintin et la Toison d'Or until recently. It's a wonderfully authentic adaptation, with the cast being uncanny resemblances of their characters - sadly, no English subtitles appear to exist currently, but it's great fun even catching but a part of what's said. ^_^

patch_bunny pointed out the trailer for The Bridge - a look at one of the most famous bridges in the world, of supreme elegance, and here, the destination for some seeking an exit from this world.

When eBay takes over your life.. is this how giro_batol will wind up? =:)

And pic for the day has to be UltraViolet's shiny rendition of andysquirrel, over here. NSFW.
That eBay Mom could probably get a lot of her money back through resales if only she could get over her purchasing obsessions.

Reminds me a bit of the bag of eBay selling stock I bought yesterday, as yet unlisted.
Magnetic therapy kit
Sculptors knives
Cd label pack
Stoned Jamaican Man Cigarette case
Watercolour pad
Ink stamp & ink pad
Watercolour paint set
Oh, undoubtedly! eBay has such reach that it can unite buyers and sellers of just about any stripe; the width of the web means there's probably a collection of mailing lists or forums for any given interest. (Except cybernetic transformations - those usually fit onto one of the broader TF fora, like EMCSA, LTBSA, or TGF) The USPS might have to open a temporary sub-office in her yard, though.. ^_^

Magnetic therapy kit, for happy magnets!

How awkward is selling on eBay? I've bought a couple dozen items there over the years, but never sold anything. The pricing looks fairly convoluted, being based on just about every conceivable parameter of the auction.
Now that the po have changed the model for postage its going to make things hard on both ebay and amazon sellers. And isn't going to be good for the environment either, I have access to un unlimited supply of 3rd hand jiffy bags, but it is cheaper for me to buy new ones and ship under 25mm, then to recycle and ship as a standard parcel. And some lines i'm going to stop selling all together.
Being used makes that much difference in size? If so, you might try dropping the mighty Bureau des Postes a line, and ask them to consider that in their next calculations - and don't underestimate the power a word from your MP can have, either. It may not be the largest concern facing the planet, but a letter or two would easily be warranted.
Magnetic therapy kit, for happy magnets!

A classic quote to preserve for the ages! :)

Selling on eBay is simple to begin with. Mastering the art of listing in order to get better sales performance takes a while but that's part of the fun.

Seller listings generally follow these formats:

Auction (where you place a bid for an item)

Buy It Now (buy it and it's yours)

Shop (you pay about £7 a month to have an online store but items you list have fees of about 5p for 30 days instead of up to 50p for 7 days in a Buy It Now listing, the catch being that Shop listings appear below BIN listings in search results and so are less visible to buyers)
Looks at large bag of 2600 games bought at least 6 weeks ago.


Or at least enter it into turbo lister so its ready for the next 5p listing day!
At least nobody's releasing a new Atari system with downloadable back catalogue, so you've still got a chance of offloading 'em!