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I am indeed indebted to ducktapeddonkey for noticing this.. first came the vibrator, and now, Rabbit Fever - the Movie (caution: audio auto-starts). And as Germaine Greer is quoted in the trailer, "Rabbits are good at pleasure". =:)

I'd seen Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks, and there've been some other quite good animated adventures, but I'd never known of Tintin et la Toison d'Or until recently. It's a wonderfully authentic adaptation, with the cast being uncanny resemblances of their characters - sadly, no English subtitles appear to exist currently, but it's great fun even catching but a part of what's said. ^_^

patch_bunny pointed out the trailer for The Bridge - a look at one of the most famous bridges in the world, of supreme elegance, and here, the destination for some seeking an exit from this world.

When eBay takes over your life.. is this how giro_batol will wind up? =:)

And pic for the day has to be UltraViolet's shiny rendition of andysquirrel, over here. NSFW.
I may even get around to watching it tonight, or early this week - but they really did seem to do an excellent job on the casting, ne? Even down to the shape of Calculus' head!

Hmm. I wonder if there's such a thing as a Tintin RPG.. seems like the kind of setting that could make for a rum adventure, full of swashbuckling, shady Eastern European agents, and amiable Latin American dictators. What's not to love?

I want to see Doctor Who meet the Thompson Twins.

Oh, gods. Now I'm thinking of the latter as Cybermen. That's so wrong.