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An interesting question raised: is dyslexia dependent on the language? Supposedly, in languages where pronunciation is more predictable, such as Italian, the syndrome is relatively rare.

Rubber skunk! Well, PVC, but still gloriously ~shiny~. Many thanks to mycroftb for noticing that. ^_^

Hmm. One of the tracks on Weird Al's new CD is Weasel Stomping Day. It's an unrelentingly joyful, happy track, too..

Wouldn't it be extraordinarily cool to build a rabbit suit incorporating these diesel piston powered boots that atomicat spotted?

And if anyone's wondering about that meme: 70%, lifestyler. No arguments with the latter. Furry through and through. ^_^

I was somewhat surprised to see that Stephen Fry's examination of depression, from a personal perspective, turned out to be one of the busiest torrents on the tracker, matched only by Doctor Who.

Well, that's curious - looks like the voice service has indeed been cut off, but the DSL remains active. Maybe there's a chance the DSL will simply remain live until Tuesday or so, when it gets switched over to the new line. The kitchen's a bit sparse here now, but as long as I've got connectivity, I'm fine. ^_^

And I have the old place to myself tonight. The peace, the blessed peace!

(Anybody need one 3 and one 8-year old human? All reasonable offers considered. The father's in no position to object, and I'm sure the mother could be won over)
Tags: depression, dyslexia, mephits, piston boots, pvc clothing, pvc skunk, weezils
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