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An interesting question raised: is dyslexia dependent on the language? Supposedly, in languages where pronunciation is more predictable, such as Italian, the syndrome is relatively rare.

Rubber skunk! Well, PVC, but still gloriously ~shiny~. Many thanks to mycroftb for noticing that. ^_^

Hmm. One of the tracks on Weird Al's new CD is Weasel Stomping Day. It's an unrelentingly joyful, happy track, too..

Wouldn't it be extraordinarily cool to build a rabbit suit incorporating these diesel piston powered boots that atomicat spotted?

And if anyone's wondering about that meme: 70%, lifestyler. No arguments with the latter. Furry through and through. ^_^

I was somewhat surprised to see that Stephen Fry's examination of depression, from a personal perspective, turned out to be one of the busiest torrents on the tracker, matched only by Doctor Who.

Well, that's curious - looks like the voice service has indeed been cut off, but the DSL remains active. Maybe there's a chance the DSL will simply remain live until Tuesday or so, when it gets switched over to the new line. The kitchen's a bit sparse here now, but as long as I've got connectivity, I'm fine. ^_^

And I have the old place to myself tonight. The peace, the blessed peace!

(Anybody need one 3 and one 8-year old human? All reasonable offers considered. The father's in no position to object, and I'm sure the mother could be won over)
If the 3 year old knows how to yodel, I'll offer 12 rutebaga.
If you can toss in some carrots too, we may have a deal. ^_^
Maybe 5 carrots if the kid comes with his own clothing.
The skunk suit is nice (me wonders what that individual sitting down may be seeing) but the tail seems a bit skinny. One thing that's always drawn me to skunks are there gorgeous tails.
True - that'd be fairly difficult to realise in PVC, but what a rewarding challenge it could be.. perhaps the tail portion could be inflated to maintain its shape? But then there'd still be the moment pulling it downwards by the point where it meets the body. Could cheat slightly and have a tiny anchoring point where the tail curve meets the body, around the shoulders.. the zip would likely need to be a little asymmetrically positioned, but that's no big matter. And similar principles could make for a very shiny squirrel, too.

There's also a front view here, FWIW.

Of course, a rubber bunny wouldn't have such troubles. Mmmm.. definitely food for thought. ^_^
Could mix in some regular fur materials as well, could have white/black stripe going down the back and forms into a furry tail. I would probably also have most of the head (unless it's a decently proportioned mask of similar material as the rest of the suit) but definitely the footpaws of fur/regular fursuiting materials.

Would be interesting for a rabbit version to inflate the ears ;)
I'm not sure.. I'd want to be fairly sparing in the use of fur on a latex costume, just to maintain that overall smooth appearance. The head, though, yes - like a furry body that just happens to be wearing a latex catsuit. (Could even make a matching helmet, for a spacesuit look. Might be awkward for a bunny, though =:)

And it appears from below that Rapido has/will have a skunk with an inflatable tail, too!

Mm, inflatable ears.. that could work nicely. :-9 I need to read up on latex costume design. ISTR it's quite feasible, and the seams are sealed using the right glue (flexible and non-reactive against the rubber). Not much space to work within at home, though, but it could be worth a try.. I'd have to start off simple, I'd imagine, before committing to yards of wonderfully bright latex, but it'd be a good way to keep me out of trouble. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Ooooh. Could easily make some nice haunches to cover those, too.. they look as if they'd be a little easier to control than the powered ones, too. I suppose I'd just have to try experimenting with both.. wonder if the Russian ones might be lurking in some military surplus stores somewhere? But lacking the piston mechanism appeals, on the basis of simplicity - less to go wrong.

(Of course, an alternate direction would be keeping the framework exposed and building around it, for a robotic look.. could even add a powered arm or two for a more unearthly look)
"Anybody need one 3 and one 8-year old human?"

No way!

Oh sure there cute now, but just see what happens if you keep feeding them.
Aw, come on.. how much of your hearing do you really need in another decade? ^_^
"Dyslexia is dependent on the language" seems like a pretty obvious statement to me - consider, after all, a hypothetical language that does not distinguish between "correct" and "incorrect" spelling at all. Given that there's no incorrect way to spell things, it's by definition impossible to be dyslexic, right? ;)

The PVC skunk suit is nice, but as others have pointed out, the tail's not very skunky... and I miss the fur, anyway. (badwox's leather wolf, on the other hand... ^_~)

The boots are interesting, but I'd assume that the existing kangaroo boots are a better alternative - especially since they don't consume fuel (seriously, who wants to have to go to a gas station to refill their *shoes*?).

The Weird Al song is... well, weird, but that's exactly what you'd expect. :)

I got 75% on the quiz, BTW, which makes me "yiffy". To be honest, I was more than a bit surprised that "yiffy" is apparently more serious than "lifestyler", but then, the whole test stank, anyway, to be quite honest. :)

Ah, it's the shine that does it for me - maybe djmermaid can manage to coax some new photos of jovino's latex creations from him. ^_^ (As I recall, he has some over on tribe.net, which I've yet to get around to checking out properly. Trouble is, I keep moving around, to greater or lesser degrees, so I'm never quite sure what to put as my address when registering - where I am at the moment, or where I'm hoping to be =:)

I wonder if vandringar might be up for composing a comeback to WSD.. the video could involve many an indignant mustelid. Maybe Al himself could be persuaded to appear. ^_^ (How many mustelid 'suits are there around? Other than a few mephits, it seems to be a family somewhat neglected)

And creative editing - or even compositing, given how affordable Shake is now - could make everyone effectively appear in the same place, regardless of their actual location.. hmmm. ^_^

I'm not quite sure if the rating and classification are directly linked, but yes, it could use a lot of work.. maybe I should look into okcupid's quiz structuring sometime, and try making a better effort of such a poll.
IIRC, they are directly linked. Tests can track one or more variables, and those are used to put you into certain result groups, but since this one only tracks on (furriness), there must be a direct link indeed.

As for tribe.net... do you mean your email or your postal address? Not that it should matter much in either case; I'd just put in the current one, and maybe update it occasionally if I remember.

Be sure to post about it if you get more photos, too. :)
hmm. a diesel powered boot?
I dunno if I'd want something with diesel so close to my feet :P
Oh, I've had Diesel boots for years.. perfectly safe. =:)

(Though mine are in white, rather than silver)
(Deleted comment)
Do you have more pics of the frog? It was a bit difficult actually making out who was what in the one I saw. ^_^;

Gods, those new ones should be spectacular! I shan't enquire how you managed to afford those. =:) Any idea when they'll be ready to show?
A person wearing those diesel boots in the street can only end up in a bloodied heap amongst a pile of toppled trash cans.
(Looking up at my reply to Hawthorn)

They're not that bad, surely? =:)
If a body is travelling at 25mph then it requires a method of controlled deceleration, otherwise if the wearer's feet came to a sudden stop then the rest of their body would keep moving forwards!

Trash can bang! :)
Just downloaded Weasel Stomping Day ... bless you for making a squirrel laugh with your sick yet beautifully tuneful melody, Weird Al. And bless every flattened weasel ghost. :)
It's so wrong to be grinning at that song, but I did anyway. vandringar will never speak to me again. ^_^
"Anybody need one 3 and one 8-year old human?"

You're still trying to get rid of those things, but I already have enough ingredients for the soup.
But there's plenty of tender, young meat on them - and quite uncontaminated by brain. =:)
No thanks. To quote Young Mr. Grace from Are You Being Served?, "A few dead things in jelly..." It may be tender young meat, but still marinated in snot bubbles and spit. :D