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I see Dreamkeepers is soon going to print, with the first run of 300 promoted as a limited edition, including a sketch within the book, a print, as well as signed and numbered.

Lapine artwork for the day: Backwoods Romp, by hibbary, spotted by the keen eyes of hawthorn.

For those in the UK, the Royal Mail is now offering e-postage. Handily, it seems to be PDF-based, so it doesn't require any special software. Doesn't look like any interesting designs are involved, though - just a barcode. Same price as buying the stamps.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAP: "Pulikkali dancers in tiger costume perform on the even of the Onam festival in Trichur, in the southern state of Kerala, India, on Friday, Sep 8."

In the latest round of reactionary political pandering, the British government is proposing to ban "violent images" - Backlash sets out to explain the poor grounds for such legislation.

And, in the best possible taste, Ursula Vernon's Blackbeard Brand Rugged Tampons.

The move proceeds apace (nothing major, just 15 miles or so away), with some of the furniture, the fridge-freezer, and various Bags-O-Stuff shuttled over in the van (from a company apparently aspiring to be the next Rent-A-Wreck), leaving the washing machine, sofa, and wardrobes as far as the bulky stuff goes. The rest's all easily carried in the car, which is hopefully good enough to be patched up for another day - right on cue, it's developed a leak in the power steering system. If it's a pipe or joint, that's easily handled - if it's the train itself, well, that'd be more to replace than the car's worth.

Irksomely, moving the DSL doesn't look like it'll be as simple as it should be - the line's getting moved on Wednesday, but the ISP apparently can't put the order in for that to be transferred until the line's active, and then it's up to five working days. Joy. So, I might be on comparatively expensive dialup for a week.. or I might be getting to know the local WiFi spots very well. ^_^; I'm not looking forward to that light on the modem blinking off tomorrow..
It's the lapine way: hide out in the open, but have boltholes wherever possible. ^_^

I've always loved travel.. I think I was flying before I could walk. (Though, word to parents: being hoisted up on a camel when you're five is a bit scary. And I almost got traded for some pottery in Morocco one time =:) Seems to be a family thing - both my parents have the wanderlust, as well as my brother, though he's now a Respectable Family Man™. ^_^

Wow, the link's still up.. can't imagine it'll stay that way for very much longer. And then it's into the depths of periodic dialup access, until the DSL's activated at the new place.. if only there were some WiFi visible from here that I could hop onto temporarily, or there, but there's nothing to be found in either location.
I went to Egypt on a school trip when I was 13 and got kidnapped by a guy with a camel by the Pyramids. He grabbed hold of me and hoisted me up on his camel despite my protests and took me five minutes into the desert before demanding being paid a quid. I only had 20p. ;__; Fortunately he managed to coax the 100p ransom out of a tourist.

Then on my way back to my group at the Sphinx I was stopped by a guy who started piling tourist crap like hats and necklaces into my arms and asked for one apple as payment (apparently, apples are like crack cocaine to them). I only had a tomato to offer, so he took all his gear back! :D