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I see Dreamkeepers is soon going to print, with the first run of 300 promoted as a limited edition, including a sketch within the book, a print, as well as signed and numbered.

Lapine artwork for the day: Backwoods Romp, by hibbary, spotted by the keen eyes of hawthorn.

For those in the UK, the Royal Mail is now offering e-postage. Handily, it seems to be PDF-based, so it doesn't require any special software. Doesn't look like any interesting designs are involved, though - just a barcode. Same price as buying the stamps.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAP: "Pulikkali dancers in tiger costume perform on the even of the Onam festival in Trichur, in the southern state of Kerala, India, on Friday, Sep 8."

In the latest round of reactionary political pandering, the British government is proposing to ban "violent images" - Backlash sets out to explain the poor grounds for such legislation.

And, in the best possible taste, Ursula Vernon's Blackbeard Brand Rugged Tampons.

The move proceeds apace (nothing major, just 15 miles or so away), with some of the furniture, the fridge-freezer, and various Bags-O-Stuff shuttled over in the van (from a company apparently aspiring to be the next Rent-A-Wreck), leaving the washing machine, sofa, and wardrobes as far as the bulky stuff goes. The rest's all easily carried in the car, which is hopefully good enough to be patched up for another day - right on cue, it's developed a leak in the power steering system. If it's a pipe or joint, that's easily handled - if it's the train itself, well, that'd be more to replace than the car's worth.

Irksomely, moving the DSL doesn't look like it'll be as simple as it should be - the line's getting moved on Wednesday, but the ISP apparently can't put the order in for that to be transferred until the line's active, and then it's up to five working days. Joy. So, I might be on comparatively expensive dialup for a week.. or I might be getting to know the local WiFi spots very well. ^_^; I'm not looking forward to that light on the modem blinking off tomorrow..
heh, I remember seeing a link to Dreamkeepers awhile back (possibly from one of your posts). Sent the pre-order email ^.^
Yay! Indeed, I did mention them some time back, when the site first went live. I'll have to drop them a line, and see if they might be up for offering a downloadable version - saves all the fuss of postage delays and costs, and I'm much less likely to get dust on a digital copy. ^_^ Most importantly, it's vastly easier to haul around a large library in digital form - so whether moving, or just on the move, I can still have access to it all. (For a more extreme example, consider the Grzimek animal encyclopedia - seventeen very substantial volumes. Or 900MB)
I like having physical copies of comics - my many many boxes full of them is testament to that. Plus, after losing a lot of data to a dying hard drive... I'm a little unsure about a digital version.
Ah, the key word here is backup. ^_^ Speaking of which, I'll do that to my email now. Anything else is either downloadable, like shareware or open source apps, or I've routinely written it out to a DVD-R in the past. Living each day as if it were your last applies not only to people, but drives as well. =:)

I actually like LCD print. OS X does a very nice job of font rendering, and Hyzenthlay's got a pleasant resolution for such reading. I can even carry on reading in the bath, and have the pages propped up for me. ^_^

Happiness is a hot bath, a laptop, and WiFi. (Ultimate happiness would be sharing it with someone =:)