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rabitguy noticed this sad tale of an independent animated feature, "Tugger", that, through a twisted vine of shady dealings, led to the waste of many people's talents and savings.

You can find the video for the Scissor Sisters' I Don't Feel Like Dancing over here, or a low-res version here. And sockscatt noticed there's Take Your Mama Out Tonight, from their turn at the Brit Awards, with scene design borrowed from some cross between Sesame Street and Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

This odd short, Pistachio Pudding, which mycroftb found is a fine waste of a few minutes. ^_^

On sex education. Several internets are owed retrospectively.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usDo you recognise this most alluring amphibian dude, as revealed unto mine eyes by patch_bunny?

I like the sound of I Was A Teenage Intellectual, a Czech short which regrettably lacks any commercial release: "Pavel and Eva are two teenagers who live a happy life full of McDonald's food, action movies and pop music. But one night, Pavel stumbles upon a secret gathering of intellectuals in the woods on his way to the video store. Not wanting to be discovered, the intellectuals attack him and the chief intellectual bites him in the leg. Some times later, he begins changing... Will the power of television, Eva's love and pop star Michal David's music save him from the intellectuals' evil clutches?" Find it here (352x256 H.264, 16 mins, 28MB).

From the "when movie professionals have time on their hands" department: The Story of Oedipus, in eight minutes, performed by vegetables.

But if you need your brain broken, have a look at this variant of the SMART car. Only a concept vehicle, sad to say. ^_^
Rikuo from Dark Stalkers, right? Don't think the original had, um, camel toe. Guess noticing that makes me Gay or something.
Ahh! Okay, so it's cosplay, more or less. And a very good example.. :-9 (Camel toe? I'm definitely thinking that's just a tiny fold line in the fabric)

Mm. I could bear seeing more photos of said costumer. For reference purposes, you understand.
Must be cosplay. If this were at a furry con, camel toe would be the least alarming bulge. Imagine something that looks (and smells) like an anthropomorphic coelacanth!

Okay, that was uncalled for.

Maybe a grouper instead.
Oh, of course *I* understand! That pic made me tingle! ;D
Okay, now I'm giggling. ^_^
I wouldn't kick him out of bed for winning both rounds against Anakaris. /in-joke
That amphibian suit is urrr interesting. Well made I must admit. No idea who is in it though.
I wonder where the photo was taken? If I knew that, it'd be simpler to search for more from that con/gathering - but at least knowing the character's name, thanks to Paka, maybe I can get somewhere regardless. AnimeTourist tends to have good con photo reports, as I recall.

There need to be more form-fitting costumes. ^_^ (It's no coincidence another of my favorites was Oshin, the golden kirin, from a few years back)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
But if you need your brain broken, have a look at this variant of the SMART car.

*laughs or cries* (don't know which to do ;-)

Sorry, my brain was already broken when I saw this variant on the Smart Car. :-)

It's such a bizarre combination, ne? I love it. ^_^ A genuine offroader that's also not too impossible to park. Though loading groceries into it might present a bit of a challenge. (How the hell do you get into it? Forklift? =:)

Ohh, yes! I saw that somewhere. Great fun seeing the gearheads debate how fair or unfair the test was - I suppose it's a fair point the Ferrari driver's wanting to keep all the very expensive gears right where they belong, but still, a seasoned driver ought to be capable of a nippier start. But as everyone points out, there's so much less mass to get moving with its running mate. I have to say, that kind of carefully modified car has some appeal to me - quite unassuming, but capable where it counts. ^_^

Not that I'd refuse a Bugatti Veyron if someone forced one on me. Hey, I'd even learn to drive for something like that. ^_^
Why does the dude in lycra remind make me think of "here are my genitals"? But he seems to be all balls and no cock? Not that i'm familiar with amphibian genitalia
Apparently, he's a merman - but that doesn't clarify matters much either. ^_^ Sadly, there don't seem to be many pics of him around, at least going with a quick Google Images search for Rikuo Darkstalkers, but it looks like he stayed very much on model. There, too.

Hmm. We need to get you furred up someday, you know..
(Deleted comment)
Ah, yes.. I knew I'd heard of it somewhere, and it was with such "religious" connections. Not sure where, though - maybe Talking Points Memo.

(Egad - how can a website mess up just embedding a trailer? I had to check the page source, and download it using curl from here. How very professional)

Oh my. If that's what they're using to highlight the production, we perhaps ought to send notes of sympathy to the critics. Sometimes, animators can be directors - just look at Brad Bird - and sometimes, not so much..
*falls in love with the video clip* - yay! singing watermelons! giant dancing eggs! leather!
Three things, I believe we can agree, that there simply cannot be too much of. ^_^

Be warned: I Don't Feel Like Dancing will become part of you. Really not such a bad thing, I say.
(Deleted comment)
I wish I knew. ^_^; But my Google-fu is potent.
Ha! Did you notice that Oedipus is dedicated "to my mother"!?
*giggle* I snorted at that credit, yes. ^_^
I'd really like to know who did the costume, particularly the hands. That's pretty cloes to what I'd want for paws
It's true, you don't often see webbed hands in the world of furry costuming - but then, there seem to be remarkably (and regrettably) few otters around. Hmm. Maybe I'll kidnap otter3 someday and transform him with the current available fabric technology.. ^_^

Ah, if even just fur were possible.. it'd surely be a sensation beyond description to enjoy the gentle breeze of a summer's day across lapine fur.
Can't say I remember how I learned about sex.
I can. =:)

"I remember how I learned about sex."


I'm not sure, either. It wasn't prudishness at work, so much as bashfulness on my parents' part, I suspect. Books, probably - I remember simplified anatomical diagrams showing what bits boys and girls had, but that didn't really clarify what actually happened.

As far as sex ed went, it was predictably dry, and much as I'd already read - the class was split into boys and girls, each getting a minimal lecture, complete with anatomical diagrams. By that time, though, I was getting into computers, so sex didn't really occur to me. (In a literal sense, too - not until I'd graduated University. Falling in love and with someone of the same gender.. that was quite a time of new realisations =:)