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When I spotted this description of the Scissor Sisters, I knew I had to find out more. Perhaps this track will demonstrate their fabulousness.

Wondermark looks at baby measurements. ^_^

Ooh! A new Dr Seuss animation - Horton Hears a Who! - and it actually could be a good one. It's from Blue Sky, best known for Ice Age, but less known for the truly wonderful Bunny.

Well, that's a quote I can't say I recall hearing anywhere else.. "Squirrel butts don't glow", from Tideland, a recent movie from Terry Gilliam, and no less disorienting than most of his works. Recommended, in part for the strength of the lead, playing Jeliza-Rose, whose father takes her to the plains after her mother dies of a heroin overdose. (On screen, too. She helpfully prepares her father's syringes for him, with Jeff Bridges perfectly cast)

I think I've found the laptop speakers I want: Miglia's Diva. Combined frequency response is 80Hz - 20kHz, the sizes are ideal for stuffing into a laptop bag, weighing under 2lb in total, and the PSU is suitable for usage worldwide.

On college majors, of an accidentally lapine nature. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Jim Carrey I'm pretty comfortable with, providing the director keeps his ego in check. Witness his performances in The Truman Show, and particularly, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - he can act, but he can also ham it up with the best/worst of them. SC I've not really seen much of, though he did contribute one of the more adorable characters in the Over the Hedge movie. =:)

The directors, on the other paw, don't seem to have a directorial background, so much as animation, so there's perhaps scope for things to go off the rails there - or, it could be giving animators the leeway to see their vision through.

It can't be worse than The Polar Express, surely. ^_^; (Had the misfortune of being on a United flight, with that as one of the typically limp offerings. *sigh*)