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When I spotted this description of the Scissor Sisters, I knew I had to find out more. Perhaps this track will demonstrate their fabulousness.

Wondermark looks at baby measurements. ^_^

Ooh! A new Dr Seuss animation - Horton Hears a Who! - and it actually could be a good one. It's from Blue Sky, best known for Ice Age, but less known for the truly wonderful Bunny.

Well, that's a quote I can't say I recall hearing anywhere else.. "Squirrel butts don't glow", from Tideland, a recent movie from Terry Gilliam, and no less disorienting than most of his works. Recommended, in part for the strength of the lead, playing Jeliza-Rose, whose father takes her to the plains after her mother dies of a heroin overdose. (On screen, too. She helpfully prepares her father's syringes for him, with Jeff Bridges perfectly cast)

I think I've found the laptop speakers I want: Miglia's Diva. Combined frequency response is 80Hz - 20kHz, the sizes are ideal for stuffing into a laptop bag, weighing under 2lb in total, and the PSU is suitable for usage worldwide.

On college majors, of an accidentally lapine nature. ^_^
Oh, finestkind! I think I spotted they're currently touring, but it's anybody's guess whether I'll wind up being able to catch them.

I do hope there was plenty of shininess to behold. ^_^
They are VERY flamboyant. To say the least.
*giggle* As I've now seen from two videos! ^_^ I feel a pilgrimage coming on, to see them in person.. and the Flaming Lips. They seem to have a pretty cool live reputation..

When I can afford it, maybe I'll buy a few copies of their DVD(s) and donate them to the local library system. ^_^

(Very odd.. that IDFLD compression I referred to above seems to've been spoiled by mencoder, not me. Using ffmpegX's x264 setting works as expected, and mencoder uses the x264 libraries for its encoding anyway; besides, it makes no sense to store the aspect ratio of the source file, pre-scaling, given the output is square pixeled. Time to re-run it)