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When I spotted this description of the Scissor Sisters, I knew I had to find out more. Perhaps this track will demonstrate their fabulousness.

Wondermark looks at baby measurements. ^_^

Ooh! A new Dr Seuss animation - Horton Hears a Who! - and it actually could be a good one. It's from Blue Sky, best known for Ice Age, but less known for the truly wonderful Bunny.

Well, that's a quote I can't say I recall hearing anywhere else.. "Squirrel butts don't glow", from Tideland, a recent movie from Terry Gilliam, and no less disorienting than most of his works. Recommended, in part for the strength of the lead, playing Jeliza-Rose, whose father takes her to the plains after her mother dies of a heroin overdose. (On screen, too. She helpfully prepares her father's syringes for him, with Jeff Bridges perfectly cast)

I think I've found the laptop speakers I want: Miglia's Diva. Combined frequency response is 80Hz - 20kHz, the sizes are ideal for stuffing into a laptop bag, weighing under 2lb in total, and the PSU is suitable for usage worldwide.

On college majors, of an accidentally lapine nature. ^_^
Hmm.. Scissor Sisters... :)
I can see you already got their new album? It was out today here in Germany (I still have to buy it though..)
I might add, they are awesome live. I caught them at Coachella, and man, did they give the impression that DISCO LIVES!
Oh, finestkind! I think I spotted they're currently touring, but it's anybody's guess whether I'll wind up being able to catch them.

I do hope there was plenty of shininess to behold. ^_^
They are VERY flamboyant. To say the least.
*giggle* As I've now seen from two videos! ^_^ I feel a pilgrimage coming on, to see them in person.. and the Flaming Lips. They seem to have a pretty cool live reputation..

When I can afford it, maybe I'll buy a few copies of their DVD(s) and donate them to the local library system. ^_^

(Very odd.. that IDFLD compression I referred to above seems to've been spoiled by mencoder, not me. Using ffmpegX's x264 setting works as expected, and mencoder uses the x264 libraries for its encoding anyway; besides, it makes no sense to store the aspect ratio of the source file, pre-scaling, given the output is square pixeled. Time to re-run it)
It's wonderful work, ne? IDFLD is perhaps the best of them, but it's definitely an album I can just let run through its entirety. Now, of course, I need to try finding any music videos they may have released.. or try making one in Second Life. ^_^

I wonder what their stage presence is like.. it's been months since I last saw any performances. (Last, indeed, was in December - Los Lobos)
(Deleted comment)
Jim Carrey I'm pretty comfortable with, providing the director keeps his ego in check. Witness his performances in The Truman Show, and particularly, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - he can act, but he can also ham it up with the best/worst of them. SC I've not really seen much of, though he did contribute one of the more adorable characters in the Over the Hedge movie. =:)

The directors, on the other paw, don't seem to have a directorial background, so much as animation, so there's perhaps scope for things to go off the rails there - or, it could be giving animators the leeway to see their vision through.

It can't be worse than The Polar Express, surely. ^_^; (Had the misfortune of being on a United flight, with that as one of the typically limp offerings. *sigh*)
I could probably scrape a GCSE in Bunnies, having had a couple as pets. I need more practical experience of them!
Would bunnies count as a vocational qualification? I'd like to think so. ^_^

Do you have any good photos of them?
I have some pics of them somewhere - I'll make a note to have a look-see for 'em.
Scissor Sisters : Take your mama out tonight : Gay meets muppets.

I hurt my brain finding this again, I'll have ya know. :)
Duly snagged, lest YouTube perish at the teeth of a thousand RIAA sharks. That's just way fun. ^_^

BTW, I notice they're in Chicago on Oct 8.. !

And here's the one for I Don't Feel Like Dancing. Quite shiny. ^_^ (QT7's best for playing this; there's something odd going on, as VLC and mplayer need to be told it's 16:9 for some reason. Either mencoder wrote some metadata incorrectly, or they're taking some alternate interpretation) Or there's the low-res YouTube version thither.

For some reason, TYM reminds me of Pee-Wee's Playhouse. ^_^
Ahh, there it is.. looks like I used ffmpegX incorrectly, leaving the "autosize" pulldown as "unconstrained", which I'd thought only affected the dimensions ffmpegX scaled to during encoding. Instead, that aspect ratio gets included in the file, so VLC duly rescales it back to the improper original value. ^_^; I'll fix that on the morrow.
I'm usually so far behind the curve it's not funny. Which makes it all the more amusing that I've known about the Scissor Sisters for many moons.
*glamgleedance* ^.^
So it's you who's been keeping it a secret from us! I sentence you to a lifetime of broad-checked plaid flannel.
I'll be good! Please don't make me dance at the dyke bar!
Just out of curiosity, what's the title of the Scissor Sisters song?
"I Don't Feel Like Dancing". ^_^ For which the video can be found in the next entry - fun stuff. Going by their performance at the Brit Awards, maybe I will trying catching them live..
OK - just wondering because the file isn't tagged, which prevents proper scrobbling. ;)
Ah, good point - for single tracks like that, I usually just do a quick export from QuickTime Player, which doesn't bother with tags. (But does seem annoyingly good at preserving all MPEG-4 atoms, as the IDFLD video shows - for some bizarre reason, mencoder's insisting on writing out the aspect ratio of the source file too, which is incorrect. Unfortunately, both VLC and mplayer notice that and stretch the frame vertically, so for now, they need to be forced to show it correctly, in 16:9. Blarg. QT7 correctly treats the file as square-pixeled)
Hmmm... sounds like Qt7 accidentally gets it right because it's buggy, then. :) (After all, if an aspect ratio is specified, it should be taken into account, right?)
It's a puzzling situation. It does sound like that - two bugs cancelling each other out. ^_^; Annoyingly, I can't seem to locate a tool to just delete that aspect ratio atom, and QTP doesn't seem to want to do so either. It's pleasantly ironic that the motivation for transcoding it was to fix the aspect ratio, and it winds up that some players are then told to re-break it..

Maybe this'd be a handy tool to come up with.. perhaps I'll sniff around the Atomic Parsley source.
*noddles* Might be worth it, yes. :)
Of course, the problem could very well lie in ffmpegX passing the wrong arguments to mencoder - certainly, there's no point in storing the size of the source file, when it's producing a square pixeled file whose dimensions should be inherent. That original aspect ratio has no connection to the output.

Wherever in the chain the problem lies, though, it does seem simplest to come up with a tool to strip that atom.. or, maybe I can dig up the mencoder source and force square pixels at all times in a local copy thereof.
*noddles* Storing the aspect ratio would still make sense, thouhg - after all, square pixels are only square if the screen has square pixels, too. (Mine, for example, doesn't, at 1280x1024 native resolution on a 4:3 screen.)
Oh, no - that's a matter for the decoder to work out. If you've got a 4:3 file and your display doesn't have square pixels, that's a matter of post-processing.

Here, it's storing the original size of the file, which hereon has absolutely nothing more to do with the file - the output is 832x480, aspect ratio 16:9 (more or less).

I'm guessing it's ffmpegX incorrectly telling mencoder to store the original aspect ratio. That would make sense if there was no scaling taking place, so you could pull an SCVD-like trick, storing 480x480, but telling the player to display 4:3, pulling the image out to that aspect ratio. (Which would be another way of handling the original file, just setting the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9, but I also wanted to remove the 8 pixel borders left and right, and 16 below, as well as squeeze the filesize lower - I tend to keep a lot of shorts, music videos, and suchlike on Hyzenthlay. As capacious as a 120GB (laptop) drive is, that space only goes so far)

MPEG does like pixel shape fiddling. ^_^ NTSC DVDs (MPEG-2) are 720x480, but displayed as 640x480 for 4:3 material; meanwhile, PAL discs are 720x576, IIRC, displayed as 768x576 for 4:3. (Expand horizontally as appropriate if 16:9 instead)
*noddles* I didn't mean that the original file's aspect ratio should be stored in the new file, but I think that the *intended* aspect ratio of the new file (which is only equal to the pixel aspect ratio of you assume square pixels) should be stored, simply because you can *neither* assume that the viewer has square pixels *nor* that the video's author intended the video to be viewed on a square pixel screen (unless the standard prescribes that this can or even must be assumed, of course). :)