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foxymoonheart noticed that the sequel to The Last Unicorn is now online for your enjoyment, gratis.

Sounds like an deeply fascinating forthcoming production (Sep 19 & 26) on BBC2: Stephen Fry - The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. Here's the trailer.

How do you dance with a bag? Quite easily.

mycroftb pointed out this clip (audio not in sync, unfortunately) from the Drew Carey show, featuring a squirrel suit. Not exactly up to the standard of andysquirrel's, but still, better handled than I'd have expected from US network television. And really quite sweet.

keihound and spidermouse might enjoy this cat-chasing rat, and why choose rat milk?

Well, here's a movie that'll piss off all the right people: gay Palestinian/Israeli love, in "The Bubble". ^_^

There's something curious addictive about the London Underground Tube Diary - now with added photos of tails taken by the perplexed correspondent.

Perhaps not news, but still, interesting to see confirmation of a second Doctor Who spinoff, "The Sarah Jane Adventures", aimed at a younger audience. Meanwhile, Torchwood appears to be destined for its debut on Sunday Oct 22 in the UK, though that still remains unofficial.

The ultimate demotivational poster.

How very Penny Arcade.. the Pac-Man belt. (The "Supreme Edition" Darth Vader costume is pretty cool too, but it costs the same as a hundred Pac-Man belts)

Wouldn't this make a positively fabulous t-shirt? (Thanks to patch_bunny for finding that =:)

And how about this bun rabitguy noticed? (Almost safe for work, but not quite)
I was channel surfing one time and caught a bit of Drew Carey where they were talking about this girlfriend.

She's kind of a conventional beauty though isn't she? I've never been much for conventional beauty, but she looks like a model or a pornstar, or something.
I'm mostly unfamiliar with the show, I admit, though I've caught some such references. Fun to see they've decided not to make/keep her imaginary. ^_^ And a furry, too! Any idea if this is an ongoing storyline?

Mm, it's an oddly perfect appearance - but then, US TV has access to the world's finest cosmetic technologies, as news shows are so proud to show off. Though for sculpted hair, I still think Max Headroom takes some beating.
I didn't watch the show regularly, but I think he dumps her after a few episodes.
Aww! Poor skwrl. She deserves more in life than that.

(Of course, if I'd had any part in that scene, I'd have arranged for said squirrel to enter from another room, some enjoyable snuggling ensues, and then we find a cute guy inside instead of her, whereupon the two exclaim "Surprise!" to him =:)
Hey, cool! Queer Israeli cinema! Man, that sounds like a fun film.
With any luck, it should at least see a good arthouse release - and there are one or two such establishments in the Bay. ^_^ (Though it's difficult to top the Castro Theatre - wonderful place)

From more of a Palestinian perspective, Divine Intervention's a good one, with a very dry, studied wit, not afraid to use long, static shots, and letting the scene unfold without the camera getting in the way.
(Deleted comment)
"All the colors of the rainbow!" - as I once intoned in the style of the doughnut deliveryman in some episode of the Simpsons, in describing to a friend at the last gig how the final relief of a large spot on my cheek had finally mainfested itself, after a gradual swelling over the past week or so. My, but it was quite the panchromatic sight.

And next on "TMI Theater".. ^_^
That Vader costume is quite cool, yes. :)
You have secret aspirations to the Dark Side? I did read that you're on the tall side, so you might be able to pull it off well, too. ^_^
Yeah, I'm between 6'6" and 6'7". :P But for now, at least, I'd be a rather comically overweight Darth Vader, which probably wouldn't really be what's intended... :)

That being said, oh, I *love* evil. ;) I'm not necessarily evil myself, but I think I could enjoy a costume like that - at least if I was actually seen as an evil figure with an aura of impending doom that way, as opposed to a crazy die-hard Star Wars fan. :)
I wonder if the rat milk is a reference to the Simpsons episode where the Mafia was selling rat milk to the school for the kids to drink. :P

Sarah Jane Adventures might have some comic value. The old 1960s Dalek movie Invasion Earth is camp hilarity at its finest!
Hee! Probably, yes. Of course, I'm still wondering just what rat milk tastes like. ^_^ (Did you know that sea otter milk is 25% fat?) But, as with bunnies, certain difficulties present themselves in the commercial production thereof.

I need to see the Cushing movies again someday. ^_^ So strange, having a Doctor who is (as I recall) entirely human, just a genius inventor, yet still in that same universe. Ah, imagine a current day Doctor Who movie..
No sea otter milk in my coffee pleez, I'm trying to trim my tummy. I wonder if they could breed otters with a Canderel sweetener gene?
I just asked my mother about those photos of my childhood bunnies and she says she's thrown them out. Sorry! ;_;