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Swarm is a fun little game (OS X, Windows) - you control a small swarm of bees, which can be told to spread out or regroup in order to gather all the gems on a level. And it's free, which never hurts. ^_^

Two videobits from SIGGRAPH 2003 that you might enjoy:

Simulation: Packing and replication of DNA

Music video: You Need to Breathe

The first might (no, really?) sound as if it'd be tiresome, but - just watch and marvel at just how DNA is folded within cells, and the amazing process by which it's replicated, on a massively routine basis, in every second of existence. But then, enzymes are themselves fascinating to me, with part of their function relying essentially on being just the right physical shape in order to "touch" different parts of their target molecules.

I thought this shirt would be quite ideal for deffox. ^_^

Oh, that's not so handy.. seems the in-world and webpage SL friends lists have been disabled temporarily, so it always appears as if nobody you know is online.

Shiny! Quad-band, and speaks GSM, CDMA, and JCDMA (for Japan). Mind, it'll set you back around $550. Ah, if only Iridium were as cheap as terrestrial comms.

The BBC's looking for some SLers, US and UK based, for a forthcoming Horizon, due in Jan/Feb 2007. They're particularly interested in those whose av is much more like you than you are in RL, make money in SL, or organise events or dissent.

Speaking of which, what sites - if any - do you peek in on for news of SL events and suchlike? SL Herald seems like quite a good rabble-rouser, as well as SL Insider for a more conventional approach.

And momentrabbit pointed out these entirely spurious, propogandistic "bunny facts". Harrumph, I say.

(But I shan't deny the dancing)
There's something broken about your layout... :)
Impossible! Bunnies are perfection personified.

Now, remember, you didn't see anything.
*chuckles* OK, but you owe me one. ;)

Seriously, though, I like that t-shirt.

It's quite a good one. ^_^ Politics can so easily fall into the trap of not seeing the woods for the trees. (Don't forget to try that music video - it's not easy, but good)
Which music video? The one about the bunnies? I watched that, but it didn't *really* catch my interest (although I watched it entirely, at least, instead of shutting it off again right away :)).
Nono, "You Need to Breathe". ^_^

And there are definitely easier ways of getting milk for one's coffee than that. Even this bunny knows that.
Oh, that's a music video? OK... I'll watch it tomorrow, then. :)

And there definitely are, yes. Just go to a supermarket and buy some. ;)
I've watched the music video by now, BTW - it's OK, but to be honest, I found it a bit cheesy, both the video and the lyrics. It's entirely clear already that we're having huge problems (or, maybe more precisely, that we *are* a huge problem), but the song neither added anything interesting nor did it offer a solution, or even some food for thought or an interesting new idea...
Given Montreal has had yet another school shooting with a reported 20 injured, I don't know if the shirt if exactly appropriate :)

One person killed (two if you include the gunman) 17 years after the last school shooting in Montreal.

It'd have to be the slowest slow news day in history for a single gun-related death of a non-celebrity in the US to make the international news. This seems to be getting as much coverage as Columbine. :-/
I just don't understand such events. Who the heck was he trying to get back at? What was his goal? My poor bunny brain refuses to process such thoughts.
Apparently, he had a blog (now deleted, but still cached). I'm not sure if you can figure his motives out from that, but he was clearly depressed and suicidal.
We should arrange a time and place for twelve or more bunnymorphs to get together on SL and do a dance animation for Machanima (sp?) purposes. Use a dance version of the DW theme. :)
Now that could be a positive pile of fun! Machinimae (hm. Is machinima a feminine singular, or already a neuter plural? Do you have the Pope's phone number?) can be rather slick little bits of entertainment - that said, I've not really thought how to actually go about composing one. So, this seems like a good reason. And Cobalt could easily help with Whovian props.. ^_^

I do have that disco version of the theme, if you recall.. (or just haven't been able to scrub your brain adequately) .. but is the world ready for that?

(Then again, was the world ready for Tucker Carlson "dancing", as rabitguy pointed out? Definitely not a rabbit)
disco - Hey, I've got the one from "DW: Variations on a Theme" that was described in the liner notes as "The crew from 'Let's Dance!' invades the TARDIS". ;)

Bunnies, Daleks, a K-9 or.. two..


I just had a big, bright, and only tangentially related idea.

Found any good places to live? I need 1024 to buy, and pronto. A semi-residential area would be good..
Oh, my. I need to hear this.. and the "Belgian jazz" version someone cited in doctorwho today. (Let's face it, just the concept of Belgian jazz is enough to twist the brain)

Somewhere to live? Maybe we can go exploring sometime. ^_^ I've got my 512 of First Land, which I'd imagine I can sell easily enough, plus L$5000 that's accumulated over the past few weeks (giving me more money in SL than RL), if you feel like a combined purchase. Said land's just in a random location, nothing to strive for. (Though I'd have to limit my own holding to 512 for the moment, given the lack of ability to cover land tier. Hopefully that'll be remedied before long)

Come to that, I otter try working out just where the furry enclaves are - there's Taco, of course, but there doesn't seem to be any housing there, beyond the empty apartments (and who wants an apartment other than out of necessity? Though that would be a pretty cool locale =:), Serenity Woods, Luskwood.. not sure if Neverwhere's only for stores, or residential as well.

(Just thinking for a moment of a sim populated entirely by rabbits..)
I've seen the bunnies dance... and the do... LORD THEY DO. :)
It's all in the tail. =:)

~wiggle wiggle~
For the first few moments of looking at the t-shirt I thought I was supposed to be staring at the breasts. ^_^;

Bunnehs are good at love too.
*giggle* A common misconception. =:)

It's all down to the ears. We love having our ears stroked, you see.
*strokes PorsupEars*
That 'You Need to Breathe' video is neat.

And thanks for thinking of me. But I'll pass on that shirt.
The video touches me deeply. It's obviously a dystopian exaggeration, but it's no less a warning sign for that - no sense in waiting until bad things happen (or, indeed, have been happening for some time, seldom making the recovery process easier, if indeed it's then still possible) to start taking remedial action.

I still think Canada ought to join the EU. Might have to expand its remit a little, I suppose. Or build a really long causeway. =:) (Mind, it'd be a bit of a boring drive. But motels with sea views would be cheap)
I've been told you know the secret to having your reply page display without the nested comments collapsing into thread tags- can you share the secret?