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Another from the "really simple concept" music video department, this time, a tiny bit more difficult to pull off: Fatboy Slim - That Old Pair of Jeans, with Chris Bliss juggling in perfect sync.

Red panda is only 40 Yuan? I knew everyfur had their price, but I didn't think runtt was that cheap. =:)

Looks like there might be a degree of lapinity in David Lynch's next movie, Inland Empire. "Here, disconcertingly, there are sequences (not explained at all) involving a family on stage in rabbit heads as well as a murky sub-plot about eastern European prostitutes. Hollywood myth and Polish Gypsy folk tale clash head-on with startling but very uneven effect. The director deliberately blurs the lines and so we are never quite sure whether we are watching the film-within-the-film (being directed by Jeremy Irons) or the film about the film-within-the-film."

pandaguy spotted this story: 'Rabbits are taking over some roads in northwestern Vermont and it's got people talking. Outlines of rabbits, spray-painted in white, have been stenciled onto city streets and rural roads in St. Albans, Georgia, Fairfield, Swanton and other communities in Franklin County and no one is quite sure what to make of it. "What is up with the bunnies?" L.B. Clark wrote in a letter to the editor of the St. Albans Messenger.' (No photos included, curiously)

Tiletoy - LED-based puzzle blocks that know when they've been solved.

I was tickled to see one of the BBC7 Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann, whom I've still never seen/heard in the role) adventures being broadcast over Christmas is titled "The Horror Of Glam Rock". And there'll be a Cybermen two-parter, "Human Resources". Yay!

And I finally returned to SL after a much too lengthy absence. ^_^ Wandering around Taco, there seem to've been various modest changes, but it's still recognisably the same place. I was a little surprised to see notice that Dwellget's going away, as the owners feel it's taking a substantial chunk of the sim's resources. So, as they noted, take pics of the place while you still can. ^_^ Now to try bumping into these folks I've yet to meet.. ! ~waves to skwrl~

Interesting to see news of the SL security breach in the mainstream. It's a serious issue - all too often, security of customer information just isn't given proper consideration, as we see in the theft of laptops containing massive databases, unencrypted.

Ye gods.. just tried out the cheap speakers that came with the PC. How cheap? The meat in a McDonalds burger weighs more. And has superior acoustic qualities. Presumably the manufacturer later realised the error of their ways, and chose to enter millinery instead.

So, movies on the "iTunes Store" is confirmed. Disney only for now (Walt Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax), with 75 titles, at 640x480. $13 for pre-release (same day as the DVDs) and the first week, $15 after, and $10 for older titles. Looks like other video material's also moving to 640x480, which would make music videos a much more interesting proposition for me. Improvements to the iPod line were announced (of course), but the Q1 2007 set-top box could be nice - "half the size of a Mac mini", internal PSU, USB, ethernet, WiFi, component video, optical/electronic audio, HDMI. $299. [Edit: Engadget has plenty of photos. iTunes 7 and QuickTime 7.1.3 are now available for your downloading pleasure]
(...) cheap speakers that came with the PC. How cheap? The meat in a McDonalds burger weighs more. And has superior acoustic qualities.

That's because of the high sawdust content. Technically, it's Medium Density Fibremeat. :)

'The Horror of Glam Rock'. Oh owch.
"Mmmm.. pressed peanut sweepings."

Naturally, I consider glam rock to be one of the 20th Century's finest contributions to human culture. Showaddywaddy, Sweet.. hm. Do the Spice Girls count? I have Spiceworld on DVD, you know, and I'm not afraid to use it.
True, Showaddywaddy doesn't actually count as glam rock, but still, if you've ever heard their Sugar Baby Love, well.. here's nearly the same song, but in Japanese. Yes, the show is as cute as it looks. ^_^
I hope I can track you down in SL some time. ^.^

As for Taco, they're always changing something about it...
I should be on SL pretty much every day from now, I think, barring some terrible trouble with SL. And continued connectivity - moving in the coming week or two, so hopefully I can get the DSL transferred over uneventfully.. ^_^;

But removing Dwelleget! Aw. ^_^; I suppose it'd be a bit pointless without the vendors, but maybe someone can keep it around on their space. Or even develop it back into a lively store. Who wouldn't want delicious food made by rats, after all?
I'll have some jelly joy, I think!

*waves to bunneh* :)
Would you like butter many privates too?
Buttering is a speciality of mine. I'm an excellent spreader.
I noticed schnee mention he owned a spreader bar. Do you go there often?
I'm more of a chain gang fellow myself. I believe in the ties that bind. :P
Aah! We so nearly met. ^_^; The current version of the client seems to be particularly unstable for me - that's twice it's died within an hour. :-P Perhaps tomorrow's upgrade (7am-noon Pacific) will improve things.

(Ever the optimist =:)
Frustration! I wanted to see yoooo!

I downloaded the new client yesterday. It's described as a beta release though so we'll see if I have to download another version again today. :)
Haven't had time yet to watch the special event, but from the Engadget photos, it looks like iTunes 7 obligately downloads album art. If so, that truly sucks, as I do not want album art in my library at all. I pray there is a way in iT7 to turn that 'feature' off, but since the new interface appears to rely heavily on the use of album art, it doesn't look like iT7 users will have any choice in the matter. Bummer if true...
From the default preferences:

Handy. I'd been wondering why I wasn't getting any album art. ^_^ (Well, that, and I think you need an account on the Store. I should get around to that sometime, as I'd love to pick up the two Twink albums)
(Deleted comment)
Likewise. ^_^ I went to see Mulholland Drive at the Chapter when it came out - of course, you don't walk away exactly understanding everything in some simple, logical manner, but where'd be the fun in that? Films like that, or Evangelion, are more like everlasting gobstoppers - perfect for endlessly turning around in one's mind, tasting something slightly different each time. (Come to think of it, I also saw The Straight Story there too - quite a remarkable range of style, it has to be said)

I wonder if these lapines draw on the Rabbits series of shorts he made for his site a little while back? I definitely need to watch those again sometime. I admire just how much of an atmosphere he can create, using really very little beyond careful, simple (or so it looks, anyway) lighting, and a disorientatingly inappropriate laugh track to a non-linear life.

(Pity - looks like release dates for it are still being worked out)
(Deleted comment)
Have you seen much/anything of Guy Maddin's work, by any chance? His most mainstream work is definitely The Saddest Music in the World, whilst for something more surreal, Cowards Bend the Knee is a good one.

Oh, those ending scenes from Lost Highway! Such a neat loop back to the beginning. (Or so it seemed at the time - my laserdisc's a tragically long distance away from me, along with my social life)

Come to think of it, I might have his short, Heart of the World, in a convenient location for uploading, if you've not seen that yet.
Yes, I have seen "Heart of the World", in fact I think it was you who originally showed it to me. It was extremely good. I have earmarked his work for further watching :)
$13 for pre-release (same day as the DVDs) and the first week, $15 after
Huh, so it's cheaper if you buy it earlier...? That's... interesting...
It sort of parallels the way mail order works, I suppose - higher discounts prior to release, and for chart toppers or suchlike. Hopefully more small studios will sign up, as places like Tower Records rarely discount lesser known titles - they're pretty much always straight list price. :-P I haven't checked the store, but it does sound as if the "$10 for library titles" is genuine, with quite a few at that level. It's a pity the "iTV" wasn't ready for launch today, but I dare say Amazon are feeling the heat, particularly given the less than spectacular early reports from Amazon Unboxed. Now to see how long it takes the studios to accept the notion that people would like to give them money, if they may..

Best of all, the iTunes icon is once more a blue hue. Yay! ^_^
I may even be able to see you on SL myself, now that I have the broadband running once more. It has been particularly poor the last few days though with crashes and missing DB objects all over the place.
Mm, this version of the client's horribly flaky - last night, it went boom twice in under an hour. (And just to make things even better, you can't currently tell what friends are online - that's been temporarily disabled, so in-world, you simply see nobody's name in bold) Hopefully today's upgrade (7am-noon Pacific :-P) will set things back on an even keel.

Not sure I've ever seen you in SL - did you go with a Luskwood bunny? ISTR you've been there for a while now.