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Another in the stream of curiously intriguing Apple patents surfaces, this time for a device lacking any buttons. =:) The multiple UIs would be purely touchscreen activated, reflecting whatever function the device was being at the time, such as PDA, music player, or phone. Ars Technica's forum discussion adds some insight.

As the Apple Turns II is back, at its new Blogspot home. The original remains lost to time, presumably due to the writer's domination by his baby daughter.

mycroftb spotted something I must, at some point, obtain a crate of: glowing bubble bath.

Research into the first Cyberhamsters is, it seems, not going well.

If you've got a few pennies lurking in the sofa, consider Red One's DV camera, offering 2540p video at 60fps, using a 12 megapixel sensor, or higher framerates at lower resolution.

So, with all the speculation over Apple's "It's Showtime!" PR fest on Tuesday, I'm wondering just what will come to be. There seems to be a reasonable expectation of DVD quality, but I'm wondering if there might not be some (vain, quite possibly) hope for HD to show up in the mix. If the files are only DVD resolution, they're immediately competing against bargain basement retailers - although that didn't hurt the growth of the iTMS in its early days, even when Mac-only. But something like 720p would offer an advantage over its traditional competitors. I'm doubtful the MPAA wants that, though - Amazon was forced to keep DVDs competitive against downloads.

Yay! Professional bunnies! South Dakota State University has the Jackrabbits. ^_^

Here's a track that really gets me, in a good way: Shukar Collective - Malademna. They're a Romanian group, from the gypsy bear handler tradition. If the style appeals, check out their page on LinkTVstore, a positive wealth of music downloads from around the world - 99¢/track, plain mp3. You can also find some videos presented, in streaming Flash video, YouTube-style.
Sadly, yes.. definitely not cheap, though a bath of Moët et Chandon White Star would probably ring up higher. Might be fun to try, after a shower. =:)

Oooh, Hasselblad have adopted digital photography? (You can tell I don't keep up with such matters) Hm.. that might not be too cheap either. Perfect for taking photos of such a bath, though. ^_^
Cheaper, yes, but that probably doesn't mean much. A Ferrari is also cheap compared to a jet airplane, but that doesn't make it any more affordable (or less overpriced). :)

Hasselblad has made digital cameras for quite a while now, I think. And yes, this one isn't cheap, either - I think you have to invest about 30000 USD, so it's probably limited to either professionals or people who're so rich that jet airplanes and champagne baths aren't out of their price range, either. :P

But still, it's a very nice one.