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fleetfur noticed this alert: Second Life passwords need changing. "On September 6 we discovered evidence that an intruder was able to access the Second Life database through the web servers. The exploit was shut down on the afternoon of September 6 when we discovered it. As a precaution we have invalidated all Second Life account passwords." Go here to enter your SL name, and you'll be sent a link by email, whereupon you can reset your password.

Via relee, a good My Little Pony music video, set to Rammstein's "Tier". ^_^ Though, for a masterpiece of composition and synchronisation, Kevin Caldwell's Evangelion AMV set to their "Engel" remains a very tall order to beat.

Can't say I'd mind a little stack of these drives - 750GB Seagate, including a three year warranty, for $300. Wonder if it'd be possible to hack up a battery pack to drive a few of them in FW800/USB2 cases.. ^_^ [Edit: and now it's $400?]

arakinuk pointed out this awfully cute red panda mask, suitable for printing out and assembling yourself.

Sheep Poo Paper. "Founders Lawrence Toms, 38, from Rhondda and Lez Paylor, 38, from Caerphilly, said they had been keen to develop an idea which would create a manufacturing company which would be uniquely Welsh and could produce a product that foreign imports could not compete with."

.. so why did I misread that as "Save up to 20% insanity"?
(Deleted comment)
Yes - or use them in some kind of RAID setup to begin with.

But then, filling a 750 GB drive should take a while, too. ^.^ (Although that, admittedly, is something I've probably said about every hard drive I've had in the past, starting with the very first 31 MB MFM drive... ^^)
(Deleted comment)
*chuckles* Well, it'd still take you more than a week to fill that disk... and you'd have to find enough material that's worth downloading, too.
That's pretty much what I've been thinking - if I get drives that large, I'd probably just forego DVD-Rs, aside from actual archiving, or mailing to friends (which does happen, but it takes minor miracles for my path to cross the Post Office's), and just maintain pairs of them in a mirrored RAID configuration. Pretty sure I've seen external housings with RAID controllers included, but I've not really researched that.

Though, I suppose, a better system is something more dynamic - ISTR ZFS can remap file allocations on the fly, along with quite a lot of other low-level operations, even including seamlessly adding new storage to an existing filesystem. Looks pretty cool.

As for actually backing up, incremental would definitely be the way to go - any backup tool otter have that option, so it only writes out files that have changed. (I use rsync to backup my email onto Ocelot, so it only transfers the new messages, rather than the whole 1GB or so)

Indeed, it could probably be argued that a drive-based backup solution's more reliable than DVD-R, given discs can degrade or be damaged comparatively easily, whereas a drive should give a good few years of perfect operation; even a complete backup, perhaps onto a new, larger drive, is then just a matter of big chunks of data shuttling between platters at SATA speed, rather than whatever some laser can manage in twiddling the rotation of some dye molecules.