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fleetfur noticed this alert: Second Life passwords need changing. "On September 6 we discovered evidence that an intruder was able to access the Second Life database through the web servers. The exploit was shut down on the afternoon of September 6 when we discovered it. As a precaution we have invalidated all Second Life account passwords." Go here to enter your SL name, and you'll be sent a link by email, whereupon you can reset your password.

Via relee, a good My Little Pony music video, set to Rammstein's "Tier". ^_^ Though, for a masterpiece of composition and synchronisation, Kevin Caldwell's Evangelion AMV set to their "Engel" remains a very tall order to beat.

Can't say I'd mind a little stack of these drives - 750GB Seagate, including a three year warranty, for $300. Wonder if it'd be possible to hack up a battery pack to drive a few of them in FW800/USB2 cases.. ^_^ [Edit: and now it's $400?]

arakinuk pointed out this awfully cute red panda mask, suitable for printing out and assembling yourself.

Sheep Poo Paper. "Founders Lawrence Toms, 38, from Rhondda and Lez Paylor, 38, from Caerphilly, said they had been keen to develop an idea which would create a manufacturing company which would be uniquely Welsh and could produce a product that foreign imports could not compete with."

.. so why did I misread that as "Save up to 20% insanity"?
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I think I'm waiting for Wireless Firewire. ^_^ And I think I spotted someone coming up with a wireless HDMI chipset.. the fewer wires, the better. (Hyzenthlay's permanently on WiFi just to avoid the fuss of an ethernet cable =:)

Now, when do we get 10Gbit ethernet.. preferably WAN, not just LAN. ^_^ There's so much data in the world. Must.. see.. it all!
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Well, there are those persistent rumors of them buying up unused fiber capacity in the US.. ^_^

Oh, for FTTH everywhere! And affordable satellite data, so you can be online literally anywhere.. there are some 512kbps or so book-sized sat modems, but service is still way up there in price - around $1/MB. ^_^;;
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As an interim solution, though, it's maybe not bad as an idea to prioritise, say, streaming video over email. But when it descends into traffic shaping, deliberately throttling certain kinds of applications, or even blocking them altogether, such as banning everyone's VoIP but the ISP's own service.. but we may well see more of such shenanigans, especially in the UK, given data transit charges are so much higher than in the US. Not so bad, perhaps, if any such restrictions are clearly spelled out - plenty of folks would probably be perfectly content with only web/ftp/email, but I just want a clean pipe that sends any and all packets I wish, no capping or shaping. (And I have one - a little more expensive, but genuinely unlimited)

Does 21CN mandate FTTH, do you know? I know one primary intent is to shift the backbone architecture over to TCP/IP, but whether everyone will still be stuck with bits of wet string leading into their master sockets.. another compromise that seems to work very well in countries like Japan is VDSL - fiber to the street boxes, then the normal copper to the home. With such tiny distances, they can jack the speed up to around 100Mbps. ^_^

And apparently Cardiff's going to be the testbed! So, there'll be at least two good things about the city, including the Chapter, with its implausibly well-stocked bar. :-9 Hafta find out if the WiFi's back up..
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FTTH = Fiber to the Home. ^_^ The best scenario, but obviously, more expensive than fiber to the street box. But ISTR Berkeley ran the figures for such a municipal enterprise, and it worked out at something like $15/mo for subscribers, spread over ten years.

Cardiff's done pretty well for itself over the past ten years, it seems - the bay redevelopment, the stadium, the new arena.. they're a good example of how intelligent investment can keep a city center from crumbling, like Bristol or Plymouth. (Well, not that Bristol's nearly as bad - and I imagine the naval base closure in Plymouth contributed a lot to their woes)