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Here's a cool short, "Miniscule", first of 78 episodes from French house Futurikon, to be aired by the Disney Channel in the US.

orona_red discovered one of the coolest competitions ever to have been conceived in the history of humanity: Design a Sex Toy. Winner gets their design into production, and £1,000. Open to anyone over 18, regardless of location. The judging should be fun.. ^_^

Two pics mycroftb came across on FA, well worth a look: A Convenient Encounter and Guitar HerOH MY!, neither worksafe, but so easy on the eyes..

ristin might like to watch this brief clip rummy_raccoon noticed.

Looking at the LJ console reference guide, there are some references I don't quite get - are they archaic, or forthcoming? e.g.
"bazaar_pay - Subtract money from a user's bazaar balance."
"allow_pay - Permit or deny a user's ability to pay."

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list, as it doesn't include the command I was looking for - how to opt out of having one's posted images (excluding posts tagged as private) from being automatically included in LJ's latest.bml file, which is polled by various LJ spiders that automatically slurp said images. I'm okay with that, but others might not be. In case you're wanting to disable that, go to the console, and enter:

set latest_optout yes

Even now, decades after its original creation by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire (the Radiophonics Workshop wizard who actually strung it together, somewhat literally - bear in mind samplers didn't exist at the time, so each note was the result of tape played at different speeds, recorded, and those segments taped together. For every note. Then add all the various effects tracks..), the Doctor Who theme remains one of my favorite modern compositions. It achieved its goal superlatively, evoking a futuristic setting, but also inherently unfamiliar ground, eerie.. the theme's gone through many versions in its time, but at the end, they all hold a degree of fidelity to the original, as sophisticated as they've become. Listen to it now. Isn't it a marvel?

On the comics front, I was shocked to read that Lea Hernandez' ("Most know Lea as the brilliant creator of such works as Rumble Girls and Cathedral Child. She drew the Marvel Mangaverse Punisher book, and has drawn for Transmetropolitan, among many other accomplishments.") house half burned down, with the loss of two dogs and four cats. Tipjars are being requested, or, you can PayPal something directly.

Okami finally sees its release - for the PS2 - next Tuesday. That's one title I really wish could see a simultaneous PSP launch.

Odd dream.. I was looking out over a harbor bay, and a police van drove straight off the edge of the road on the opposite side, but landed without a bump, and just carried on towards me. [cut to next scene] I noticed a small radio-controlled armored vehicle, the size a hobbyist might play with, where I was standing, apparently wanting to get into the next room. So, I lifted up the door (top hinged), and it went through. Turns out a fugitive was hiding, and they were able to trap him as a result of my minor assistance. I was invited along to celebrate at the station, and of course, brought Hyzenthlay along so I could make a LJ entry of it. I was quite disappointed when I woke up. :-P

Hee! Seems there's going to be a series of stamps in Japan, celebrating BioHazard/Resident Evil's 10th anniversary. ^_^

Are not my paws adorable?
You should see my design. :D
Ooh, let's have a peek. =:)
(Deleted comment)
And from an artist I hadn't encountered before! The style reminds me of somewhere between 0r0ch1 and the "serious" Joe Rosales (who doesn't seem to draw nearly enough, dammit! At least, his Animus site seems to be updated annually) - not a difficult decision to +W him. ^_^
The video is cute! I'd totally buy that! As for the pictures I can't see them cause I'm at work.

I want a pet rabbit tooo
Ooh, make a point of checking those pics when you're on safe ground. ^_^ If I were a skilled Potatoshop user, I'd be very tempted to try coloring them for fun - but they're delicious as is.

Mmm.. I really wish I were settled somewhere I knew I was going to be able to stay for a while. Rabbits are such mellow sorts, on a par with skunks, just less risk of accidental odiferous explosions, and more nibbling. (That seems to be the big hitch with houserabbits - keeping electrical wiring out of the way)

I wonder if hawthorn's ever been mistaken for a rabbit by one.. his furry form's wonderfully realistic, just a little bigger than the average bunny.
aww.. such a cute bunny photo. Bunnypaws is <3

hmmm.. in rl, I guess I was never mistaken. :P
But that old avatar of mine tricked some people (or at least some thought it was a plush bunny :3)
Hee! It really did look like a plushie, true. ^_^ Dare I ask if you've ever snuggled as a bunny? Is that your personal character, or just a bunny?
*chuckles and poses like a plushie* :P

Snuggled as a bunny? Not as much as I'd want, as I haven't spent much time with another bunny yet ;P

Originally this white-with-black-marks bunny was called Chez, and not my personal character (I'm a normal hazel colored bunny).
But, as people seem to associate Chez=Hawthorn... I'm thinking in adopting him as so :3
Designing a sex toy could be fun, although the toy I myself would come up with would probably be too expensive for mass production - not to mention that it wouldn't appeal to (most of) the masses, anyway. :)

I'm not sure about the "bazaar_pay" option, but I think both "bazaar_pay" and "allow_pay" have been there for as long as I can remember. The latter might be accessible to staff only, but I have no idea what the former does. As for the missing option... why not just cook up a patch and submit it? LJ's code *is* free software, after all... :)

And the bunny picture is cute, yes, although wolf cub paws are even more adorable... ^.^
Well, nothing to say you couldn't come up with an initial idea, and then try simplifying it into something more easily mass-produced. I wonder what kind of level of appeal they're seeking - as universal as a vibrator, or with more of an appeal to particular kinks, like a violet wand?

Good point about the source code. ^_^ Might be educational to nose around it and get a version running locally, just for the fun of it. Though I tend more towards multimedia programming than network/database kinds of things - I'm something of a visually-oriented bunny.

Something cuter than bunny paws? Impossible! =:)

Hmm. You might actually make quite a good rabbit, you know. ^_^
*chuckles* I was more thinking along the lines of a tight-fitting, made-to-measure, lockable metal sarcophagus, actually. ^.~ So... something that appeals to specific kinks, I guess. :)

Cuter than bunny paws. ^^

And me, a good rabbit? ^.^ Hmm, I'm not sure really... I'm too much of a predator for that. :) I could probably enjoy having a bunny fursuit (there's just something oddly appealing about a sub wolf dressing up as a prey species to me), but outside of that, I'm just a wolf. ^^
Not so easy to mass manufacture, no. ^_^ Maybe vacuum suction between sheets of latex would be a reasonable substitute? (With some form of allowance made for the "victim" to be able to remain breathing, of course. That's usually considered a Very Good Thing) I've never been able to try such, but the photos I've seen suggest you'd probably be held quite immobile, pre-packed and sealed. =:)

Awww, so sweet. ^_^ Ah, must be wonderful to be able to make a living off such superb photography. Like any artistic endeavor, not an easy proposition, but even within the furry world, there are some who do manage such, to greater and lesser degrees.

It's curious - I could imagine myself being happy as a variety of species, but only a few are predators (some mustelids, though again, I'd be happiest as a skunk within that selection; orca; bottlenose dolphin). That said, I'm sure I wouldn't be desperately unhappy as a fox, or maybe a snow leopard.
*noddles* Yeah, a latex vacbed would be an alternative; I've had the pleasure of trying one once, and it's really a rather unique feeling. One probably wouldn't think so before trying it, but it's really completely impossible to move in it once the air's been sucked out... ^.^ But metal still would be different; I just have a thing for metal bondage, even though I can't really explain it. :)

And yes, it's a cute photo, isn't it? ^.^

As for species... I could imagine being a skunk myself, too, yes (although skunks aren't classified as mustelids anymore - they belong to the mephitidae family). :) In fact, I have a few skunk characters, but they're really just that - characters. Myself, I'm still a wolf; I always was a wolf, and will always be a wolf. *smiles*
Quoted from the Livejournal wiki, the explanation of Bazaar Pay:

"The development of the LiveJournal software has seen extensive volunteer involvement in the past. In February and March 2003, there was even an effort, nicknamed the Bazaar, to boost volunteer performance by offering money in return for "wanted" enhancements or improvements.[5] The Bazaar was intended to follow a regular monthly pay-out scheme, but it ended up paying out only once, after which it was neglected without a word from the management until about one year later when it was shut down."

Fururikon made Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers, so Miniscule is prolly fairly decent. ^_^

Flickr Bunnies are Love.
Aaaaahh.. ! Okay, that makes sense. I was thinking it was likely something from the past rather than the future, given the lack of latest_optout documentation, but I was something of a latecomer to LJ - made the account in Oct 2003, started using it in Jan 2004. (I'd known of the place for some time, but it just didn't seem to appeal, particularly with the invitation codes required. Naturally, soon after I signed up, they were abolished)

Malo Korrigan? Not a show I'd heard of before. (And sadly, neither YouTube nor Google Video have, either) Sounds like it should be promising - and a theme by Deep Forest certainly wouldn't hurt!

It's a good time to be a bunny - not only can you revel in your lapinity, but you can have your human advertise it all around the world for others to admire. ^_^
The Deep Forest theme from Malo Korrigan!

Bunnies are among the most pretty aminals in the natural world.
Ooh, nice piece! I'd not heard that before at all. Do you happen to have some episodes, perchance? (In digital form - as far as tape media go, I can only use NTSC Hi-8)

Was the Elmyran spelling deliberate there? =:)
I can't find any direct downloads *or* torrents for the show. :/

And yeeess, the spellink was deliberate, you oh so snuggly wuggly bunnykins! :)
Thanks for the raccon video, and the bunny pics ^.^

In return, though I realise it is no longer your preferred species, I saw this mask and thought of you!
Hee! That is cute. ^_^

Here, have an old Daily Show clip wherein they debate religion: "Islam vs Christianity: Which One is Right?", as rabitguy just pointed out to me.
Now there's a co-incidence - they launch this contest just as Jessica and I work on our line of Cthulhu-inspired sex toys..

"The Nyarlathotep - 1000 different attachments!"

let alone "The Deep One"...
Hey, so this may be a veyr weird question, but I remember back in like 2001 you reccomended a vietnamese restaraunt in the mission district and it was amazing. Do you by chance remember which it was?
Thai, maybe? That would've been Bangkok 22, I think. ^_^ On 22nd, just up from Valencia or Guerrero. Mm, that was a good place.. hopefully they're still around - the restaurant scene in the City changes so much.
It's closed =/ Not on Yelp or anywhere. Bangkok 16 is around there, but it has a negative review =/
See, now you have a financial motivation too, as well as the duty to.. enliven the judging.
The 'Miniscule' video that you're extolling is... missing.
How irksome. Fortunately, I took the precaution of saving it. ^_^ Try the link now.