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Poll #813321 It's Movie Time!

Which of these movies, shorts, and anime have you seen?

Donnie Darko
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Heart of the World
Haibane Renmei
Paranoia Agent
Whale Rider
Azumanga Daioh
Cats Don't Dance
Princess Tutu
Survive Style 5+
(Deleted comment)
I really should watch PA again, over the course of a couple nights, maybe assisted by some of the AnimeSuki forum discussions, which included background as to what the old man's riddles actually meant, at the end of each episode - some relied on mythological perspectives, Japanese superstitions, and suchlike.

Priscilla's such great fun. Excellent performances from all, including Hugo Weaving, who's easily the least typecast actor in the Hollywood circuit - from that, into the Matrix, Babe, and LotR. If I were an actor, that's the kind of career I'd love to have. ^_^ Seems like a very pleasant guy, too.

Eva caused an immense amount of discussion, disappointingly including some accusing the series of merely wrapping things up quickly and cheaply. True, the budget was thin towards the end, but the TV ending fit in well with the rest, I felt; the cinematic ending was entirely complementary, looking at the situation from the outside, rather from within Shinji. And after all, was anyone really expecting some Hollywood-style "here, this is what the Angels really were and where they came from, and now they've been defeated. Yay!" ending? (Gods know, if the current cinematic live action version does come to be, I really hope they don't bastardise the storyline thusly)

Actually, you can probably try getting a copy of Survive Style 5+ from amelitatwinstar. ^_^
Eek! Evangelion!

That anime gave me nightmares.

'cause, ya know, IT COULD HAPPEN.

Well except maybe the geofront and Tokyo 3, and of course not the DATES, but the disaster and tragedy of it all? Yeah maybe.

I actually understood it of course, so it's extra creepy for me. Not so creepy as Shin Megami Tensei, which is substantially more likely to actually happen than Evangelion, but pretty creepy.