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Poll #813321 It's Movie Time!

Which of these movies, shorts, and anime have you seen?

Donnie Darko
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Heart of the World
Haibane Renmei
Paranoia Agent
Whale Rider
Azumanga Daioh
Cats Don't Dance
Princess Tutu
Survive Style 5+

I was exposed to "Azumanga Daioh" and ran away screaming from the room.
So, yes, I saw it.

"We've secretly replaced all of Zrath's icons with ones from Azumanga Daioh. Let's see if he notices."
Hmm. Seems like LJ doesn't allow you to submit a vote where you do not check any of the available options...
Oh! That does feel like a bit of a bug, yes. I should've included a "none of the above" option, but as I recall, you're not allowed to edit a poll, other than to adjust its security.
Yeah, you're not. :P Ah well, not a big deal... :)
I've never been quite sure how to rate Scott Bakula's Cats Don't Dance performance emotionally. He does a super job of voicing Danny, but Scott will always be Sam Beckett to me first and foremost, and I could never say CDD was better than Quantum Leap!

So, if I had to rate his career:
1. Quantum Leap
2. CDD
3. Enterprise (because he was crap in it after Series 1)
Ah, now I didn't really see much of QL, so while I knew of him and his work, CDD was the performance that really stood out for me. As a result, I was terribly disappointed to learn he never once broke out into song on Enterprise. ^_^

(Rather cool that he performed his own singing in CDD, too. Such a fun film! As you may've noticed from the style, the director's next production was The Emperor's New Groove)
I never watched the Emperor's New Groove or Kronk's New Groove. Last recent Disney film I watched and loved was Brother Bear 1, which was made by the studio that did Lilo and Stitch - Disney were going to insanely close that studio down because of their obsession with CG graphics and Pixar, but I dunno if they actually did in the end.
Ah, you might like ENG, if you enjoyed CDD - it's got that same vibrant energy throughout. (And a TF, which never hurts =:)

BB1 I was surprised didn't grab me, as I'm always one for transformations.. I think it was the writing, which just didn't really stand out. And while I'm fine with bears, they don't tug at my soul; something starring rabbits, on the other paw, probably would've had me in the cinema on opening day. ^_^ (Though I did actually leave it until the following week to see Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Yay! I do hope you saw that =:)
I didn't see Curse of the Were Rabbit either. ^_^; I hardly ever go to the cinema, and Wallace and Gromit don't reallt float my anchor. I'll see it one Christmas / Easter / Bank Holiday on tv in the future, I guess!

What's ENG?
Emperor's New Groove. ^_^ I've not seen the sequel, nor really heard much about it - one of their video releases, which often doesn't foretell high animation quality, but they do toss out the occasional surprise, like The Lion King 1 1/2 (or 3 - for some reason, they released it with one name in some countries, and the other elsewhere), which wasn't far off the original's animation quality, and did include the original voice actors. The main song, early on, is worth the price of admission. ^_^

And of course, YouTube has a (4:3 squished) clip thereof.
Oh god yes, that song is good! Far better than the 'all new song' on the Lion King Special Edition dvd in 2005.

I've only seen The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert- A singularly wonderful experience :)
It was way too much fun. ^_^ I understand the (film festival? Premiere?).. special screening, anyway, at the Castro Theater was an outstanding success. ^_^
Well, I've seen Babe and Cats don't Dance from start to finish each a couple times. Babe was pretty cool since they did such a good job of making the real animals look like they were talking.

Cats don't Dance wasn't very good to me, it's far too serious a film. My own preference is for stories that evoke a sense of a better world, not a worse one... Though I make exception for Robotropolis, which is just too cool.

Some of the others I've only seen partially. I only saw the last half hour of Donnie Darko, and was disappointed to find out it was nothing like I had expected. It was a crazy existentialist film with wierd time travel effects. I thought it was going to be like that classic movie Harvey, but with a more sinister rabbity presence.

Speaking of which, I've actually seen Harvey. Have you? It's great when he puts up the portrait of him and the giant white rabbit, then his mother sees it and feints. She feints a lot in that movie. XD

I've also seen some of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. It was interesting, but it couldn't hold my attention. A friend of mine told me I absolutely had to watch it, so I probably will one day, but I've only seen some of it so far.

The others I haven't seen, only heard about. I have been watching quite a bit of anime lately though. Since the shows I was normally watching are being translated slowly, I've been branching out a bit to other shows. Maybe I'll try Princess Tutu or Azumanga Daioh, if I can find some eps.
Babe certainly managed to get away with a surprisingly dark opening - I can't help but wonder how many kids left with a desire to turn vegetarian. ^_^ Some wonderful moments, like the farmer's dance, but it's that ending which stands out most for me - absolutely magnificent.

DD was a very odd film indeed - despite not having really lived that kind of life, many of the themes rung true nonetheless. I wound up watching it all in one go, which is unusual for me - I'm terrible for watching films with multiple breaks, at least when I'm on my own. The roomie settled back onto his PC meanwhile. ^_^

PT or AD I could help with, once I have some DVD-Rs again, assuming you're all set up for anime fansub viewing. (Typically 640x480 MPEG-4 video, MP3 audio, in AVI containers)

I think I've seen Harvey (so to speak), but it was ages ago. Being a bunny, I suppose I'm obliged to have a copy.. =:) James Stewart was on top form, as ever.
Well I have the VLC Media Player, and it seems to do just about everything. XD

I don't have a DVD-RW yet, for some reason it hasn't arrived in the mail. My dad managed to find one for cheap but I'm starting to wonder if they screwed up sending it, or if they're trying to scam us.

Usually I download anime via bittorrent. The latest bittorrent client is kinda funky though...
(Deleted comment)
I really should watch PA again, over the course of a couple nights, maybe assisted by some of the AnimeSuki forum discussions, which included background as to what the old man's riddles actually meant, at the end of each episode - some relied on mythological perspectives, Japanese superstitions, and suchlike.

Priscilla's such great fun. Excellent performances from all, including Hugo Weaving, who's easily the least typecast actor in the Hollywood circuit - from that, into the Matrix, Babe, and LotR. If I were an actor, that's the kind of career I'd love to have. ^_^ Seems like a very pleasant guy, too.

Eva caused an immense amount of discussion, disappointingly including some accusing the series of merely wrapping things up quickly and cheaply. True, the budget was thin towards the end, but the TV ending fit in well with the rest, I felt; the cinematic ending was entirely complementary, looking at the situation from the outside, rather from within Shinji. And after all, was anyone really expecting some Hollywood-style "here, this is what the Angels really were and where they came from, and now they've been defeated. Yay!" ending? (Gods know, if the current cinematic live action version does come to be, I really hope they don't bastardise the storyline thusly)

Actually, you can probably try getting a copy of Survive Style 5+ from amelitatwinstar. ^_^
Eek! Evangelion!

That anime gave me nightmares.

'cause, ya know, IT COULD HAPPEN.

Well except maybe the geofront and Tokyo 3, and of course not the DATES, but the disaster and tragedy of it all? Yeah maybe.

I actually understood it of course, so it's extra creepy for me. Not so creepy as Shin Megami Tensei, which is substantially more likely to actually happen than Evangelion, but pretty creepy.
I have only seen Babe.

does this make me a movie dolt or what?
But when do you ever get the time to watch movies? ^_^;
Babe, Donnie Darko, Heart of the World, Haibane Renmei, Azumanga Daioh, and Cats Don't Dance (again just last night actually :). I didn't count Paranoia Agent or Princess Tutu as I haven't seen them all the way through. *headgun* And although I have Priscilla and Survive I've not, well, seen them. *headHowitzer*
Mmm, I need to drop CDD into Hyzenthlay again sometime. Such wonderful use of color, and superb comic timing. I'm quite surprised to see it ranking so high in the poll - I'd quite expected it to be in the middle, at best.

Priscilla? Well, that depends - do you feel pretty, oh so pretty? ^_^

Survive Style 5+ is a brilliantly awkward one to describe, with very Japanese dark humor throughout, aided by the occasional - and pivotal - appearances by Vinnie Jones' hitman character, who asks everyone, "What's your function in life?" Definitely one for a good size screen, as the visual compositions are often quite remarkable, particularly within the first character's house. (ISTR the director had done quite a lot of advertising work, which would make sense)


(I think I'd go with the actor. He might not have the reliable income of the mortician, but he seems like he'd be the more passionate)

Hm. Maybe I'll upload the short sometime, and pose that as a poll question. ^_^
Everything's to love about CDD!

I'd have to feel pretty to watch Priscilla, I think.

Yup, the actor. That, or Maddin.
Survival Style 5+ may be the best Japanese movie ever. Or, for that matter, best movie ever. I dunno, there are several candidates for that title.