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An oustanding MP4 player review. ^_^

Hey, kids! It's Jokamel, the new anime sensation!

I thought electropaw might enjoy this tidbit - a 1967 BBC trade test short on the installation of a Colour Television Receiver, in which we learn that the process of commissioning such a device is only usually less complex a procedure than that of bringing a nuclear power plant online.

And I have recently determined that chorizo and hummus make an excellent sandwich filling. :-9
*chuckles* The Jokámel one was nice. :) Just to be sure, the BBC one is a fake, though, isn't it?
*giggle* Hmm. I should've put up a quiz to see which ones people think are spoofs.. =:)

BTW, have you seen any of Look Around You yet?
No... I'll take a look, though. :)
The one on "water" is particularly enlightening, but they're all worthwhile.
I've watched the ones on the brain and on ghosts so far. Quite interesting, yes. :)
Ah, seems Google Video only has some of the episodes - YouTube has more, including Water. ^_^
OK... I'll look later, after I finish playing DS. :)
Mmm... I think I watched the entire first season now. Quite funny, yes. :)

I gosta say though, your LJ avs are totally radical.
*grin* Sad to say, I'm at my limit of 108, too. But, I suppose it'd just be difficult keeping proper track of many more. I do like having a reasonably sized collection, though - I've almost always got a few to choose from to fit the tone of the message or posting. I might try making a couple more from SL sometime - indeed, I've not been pink in quite a while, and that's still such a cute av. ^_^ (Comes with an adorable bunnyhop animation override, too)
I'll have to track you down on SL soon, see what a cutiepants you are. ^.^
Joka-jenius! :)

(stares in disbelief at the Jokamel video...)

Wow... That was... Wrong.
On so many levels...