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Here's a good peek at fandoms, though regrettably brief, courtesy of NPR, based on the author's book, "Who Are You People?" (Congrats to Sunshine Skunk for her appearance on the cover!) You can listen to the eight minute segment as streaming RealAudio or WMA, or a downloadable AAC file here.

"But truth be known, I admired the rock collector. She had something I didn't - passion. A passion so deep she was never at a loss for what to do with her weekends. A passion so consuming, she just had to share it with others. A passion so meaningful and enriching she burned to excite in others her love of droolers, quartz and feldspar.

Me, all I had were three pieces of chipped pottery and some memories of running topless in the woods with a crystal around my neck."

It's well worth listening to, as she's genuinely inquisitive about people's passions; and early on, we get a glimpse into another fandom's supportiveness in a time of need. This isn't shock journalism.

stego_s_aurus pointed out this very strange site with a sort of mascot theme. Requires Flash and any spare psychoactives.

A Beginner's Guide To Faking Your Death On The Internet.

Want free stuff, at the expense of a major gay-bashing organisation? Look here for a healthy source of pocket money. ^_^ (Amongst other items offered is The Chronicles of Narnia on DVD)

Interesting summary of US intelligence claims regarding Iranian weaponry, from the Cato Institute.

drhoz noticed this review of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design, over at The Panda's Thumb.

Here's a well-constructed montage of all the Doctor Who themes and titles, each performing a seamless segue into the next.

Oh, jolly well done, that chap. James Hawes and Steven Moffat just won a Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) for The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. [Edit: apparently followed in second and third places in the voting by Dalek and Father's Day!]

Odd.. any icon I choose is getting forced to 100x100. Anyone else finding this?

Eat them up, yum!
Yay, Ryo-ohki! I warmed to her quickly. ^_^ (And Ryoko, once she'd settled down =:) Tenchi was one of the first series I came across, along with Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, and Escaflowne. Oh, yes - I've got FY on DVD, and Esc on VCD, if you're interested. I might pick up Evangelion sometime, when finances are healthy once more, but they seem to have a release schedule similar to Star Wars', with a new release every couple years. :-P (Should be well worth waiting for the cinematic adaptation, if that does ultimately proceed. Seems to've been stuck in pre-production for a couple years now, but the preliminary WETA artwork did look most promising)
I've seen Escaflowne on Cartoon Network a long while back. I'd be very interested in FY (there's loads of the manga version in the bookstore but I haven't tried it yet because it seems overly 'girly' going by the cover pics).
Oh, I could easily get those sent along sometime. ^_^ It's in two 4-disc boxes, which I picked up from Amazon back when I was working on Cleaner 5. (They split sort of along the lines of the story, Suzaku and Seiryuu)

I sort of have Eva too, but they're with a friend at the moment. Fake VCDs - I sort of had to buy the set (dirt cheap, naturally), as the "OSCAR" branding (complete with pic of that statuette) just had me chuckling. About as much as seeing a pirate DVD of Galaxy Quest, where, instead of the money quote on the front of the box from some famous reviewer, it had, literally, "INSERT LOCAL QUOTE HERE". ^_^