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Here's a good peek at fandoms, though regrettably brief, courtesy of NPR, based on the author's book, "Who Are You People?" (Congrats to Sunshine Skunk for her appearance on the cover!) You can listen to the eight minute segment as streaming RealAudio or WMA, or a downloadable AAC file here.

"But truth be known, I admired the rock collector. She had something I didn't - passion. A passion so deep she was never at a loss for what to do with her weekends. A passion so consuming, she just had to share it with others. A passion so meaningful and enriching she burned to excite in others her love of droolers, quartz and feldspar.

Me, all I had were three pieces of chipped pottery and some memories of running topless in the woods with a crystal around my neck."

It's well worth listening to, as she's genuinely inquisitive about people's passions; and early on, we get a glimpse into another fandom's supportiveness in a time of need. This isn't shock journalism.

stego_s_aurus pointed out this very strange site with a sort of mascot theme. Requires Flash and any spare psychoactives.

A Beginner's Guide To Faking Your Death On The Internet.

Want free stuff, at the expense of a major gay-bashing organisation? Look here for a healthy source of pocket money. ^_^ (Amongst other items offered is The Chronicles of Narnia on DVD)

Interesting summary of US intelligence claims regarding Iranian weaponry, from the Cato Institute.

drhoz noticed this review of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design, over at The Panda's Thumb.

Here's a well-constructed montage of all the Doctor Who themes and titles, each performing a seamless segue into the next.

Oh, jolly well done, that chap. James Hawes and Steven Moffat just won a Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) for The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. [Edit: apparently followed in second and third places in the voting by Dalek and Father's Day!]

Odd.. any icon I choose is getting forced to 100x100. Anyone else finding this?

Eat them up, yum!
Gods, that one had to be the creepiest of the recent episodes by far. The cliffhanger had me out in goosebumps. I hope little children enjoyed it as much. =:)

It's really quite impressive to see the level of editing skill some people display - anime music videos are another good source, too, sometimes even managing to fake lip-sync to the song. (Seen Serial Experiments Lain? Absolutely excellent mindbender of a show. Someone came out with a priceless video based around that, A Complete Waste of 6'39", which I believe balor introduced me to. Indeed, if you're all set up for playing DVDs, I could lend you the discs - Region 1, but I'd imagine that wouldn't pose a problem)
I have a multi-region player (have used it to play R1 Dragonball Z dvds). I'm not a massive fan of such fan productions, thanks sweetness, but if you have any other anime stuff one day I'd be interested in a lend if I can also do something for you in return to repay your kindness. ^_^

The last AMV video I saw was the song The End by Linkin Park synched to footage of Vegeta from DBZ. I'm getting very addicted to anime on YouTube now (I watched DBZ, Naruto and Shaman King eps over the weekend on there).

I've heard of SEL but not seen it. I have also yet to see Prince of Tennis. :) Most of my Japanese experimentation at the moment is in the choices of weird manga I buy. Real anime (not just mass-distributed 4Kids dubs) can cost a bloody fortune! £17 upwards for stuff like The Cat Returns (Studio Ghibli movie) and Streetfighter 2 The Movie in Virgin Megastore!
I should add that the YouTube eps were in Japanese with fansubs, just so I don't get thought of as only watching inferior US dubs! :P
Hee! Thankfully, dubs do seem to've finally picked up in quality a lot, mostly after DVDs hit the big time, it seems. I still always prefer the original Japanese track, but I could easily enjoy a complete episode of, say, Cowboy Bebop in English - they took care to pick actors who had similar voices, and could act. (As opposed to, say, anyone in the Tenchi Muyo dubs. Egad. Last time I heard those, I had to leave the room - absolutely teeth-gratingly bad)

Do any YouTube videos come with stereo audio? I don't think I've ever heard one that did. A pity, but it's an awesome site for finding almost anything you can think of, except Christopher Walken's "cowbell" sketch on SNL.
I didn't think the Tenchi dubs were that bad. My favourite character on those shows though is the cabbit, and all she says is Meeeeeeooooooowww!
Yay, Ryo-ohki! I warmed to her quickly. ^_^ (And Ryoko, once she'd settled down =:) Tenchi was one of the first series I came across, along with Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, and Escaflowne. Oh, yes - I've got FY on DVD, and Esc on VCD, if you're interested. I might pick up Evangelion sometime, when finances are healthy once more, but they seem to have a release schedule similar to Star Wars', with a new release every couple years. :-P (Should be well worth waiting for the cinematic adaptation, if that does ultimately proceed. Seems to've been stuck in pre-production for a couple years now, but the preliminary WETA artwork did look most promising)
I've seen Escaflowne on Cartoon Network a long while back. I'd be very interested in FY (there's loads of the manga version in the bookstore but I haven't tried it yet because it seems overly 'girly' going by the cover pics).
Oh, I could easily get those sent along sometime. ^_^ It's in two 4-disc boxes, which I picked up from Amazon back when I was working on Cleaner 5. (They split sort of along the lines of the story, Suzaku and Seiryuu)

I sort of have Eva too, but they're with a friend at the moment. Fake VCDs - I sort of had to buy the set (dirt cheap, naturally), as the "OSCAR" branding (complete with pic of that statuette) just had me chuckling. About as much as seeing a pirate DVD of Galaxy Quest, where, instead of the money quote on the front of the box from some famous reviewer, it had, literally, "INSERT LOCAL QUOTE HERE". ^_^
Oh, I meant the SEL DVDs. ^_^ It comes on four discs, thirteen episodes. ISTR I've got a couple Saber Marionette J, most (five of the six discs) of Cowboy Bebop, and three Card Captor Sakura, too. (Not to be confused with the horribly hacked up Cardcaptors) I've got plenty more as fansubs, including Paranoia Agent, Princess Tutu, and Full Metal Alchemist - usually MPEG-4 video, MP3 audio, in AVI containers, on DVD-Rs.

(I really should update my list sometime - I've not really bothered adding to it in a year or more)

Nothing Studio Ghibli puts out is bad, though obviously, I have my favorites. ^_^ I think Totoro still holds a special place with me, as well as Whispers of the Heart, where we first met the Baron. I'd love to watch all of them again, but I'm usually either too busy when employed, or alone when not.
Cardcaptor Sakura manga is available to me for purchase but the art is very, very simplistic. I've watched quite a lot of Cardcaptors on telly but didn't know it was a mutilated version.

What work do you do? (presumably agency work?)
The thing with any CLAMP production (CCS, Chobits, Angelic Layer, xxxHolic, etc - they're a busy team!) isn't so much the artwork, though it's always good, as the characters and situations. I think you also might really enjoy Angelic Layer, come to think of it - it's based around a tournament of players in a game featuring doll-sized robotic avatars - "angels" - that fight it out on the "layer" where they're able to be fully controlled with complete dexterity. It's not quite the kind of story I'd have thought I'd be so caught up in, but they managed to pull it off very well. (akira114 can attest to the series' enjoyability. ^_^)

I'm just a programmer bunny. ^_^ Nothing most people know of, other than the sequel to The 7th Guest; sadly, I seem to be remarkably adept at finding unbelievably fun jobs that go bang within a year or so, with the company or the project coming to an end. *sigh* Frustrating, as it does make for rather an odd ride of extremes - long dull periods followed by some serious fun.
I played The 7th Guest once but not the sequel, I don't believe. *huggle* I wanted to be a games programmer when I left school in 1991 and would spend hours designing games but the careers officer said "That's not a job, it's a hobby". I would have been a rich squirrel now maybe if I'd ignored her. *sighes too* Yes, I could have learned how to program since then but then my life went off in other (chaotic) directions. I was appointed vice-president of a start-up US games studio called Black Wulf earlier this year but me and the Pres had a parting of the ways because he would never respond to any of the ideas and prototype level designs I sent him. I was supposed to just be a good business squizzer, sell his games for him and keep my nose out of the design process. Before we parted I got hold of a software development kit for the cross-platform Torque games engine that once powered Tribes 2 ( http://www.garagegames.com ) but aside from practising 3d landscape construction I haven't really used it much since.

I'm going to the manga bookstore tomorrow before my admin job interview so maybe I'll take a risk on trying a CLAMP book. even if the art is a bit sorry. Thanks dear!
Oh rather! I just need to pick up the box, so I can see episode 5. ;)
Oh, was that one that wound up being unreadable? ^_^; I also need to try unearthing the first few episodes of Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar - such an adorable series. ^_^

(And, for that matter, actually getting around to watching Fruits Basket! I sort of wandered off after the first few episodes - not out of disliking it, so much as being distracted by current shinies =:)

Have you seen anything of xxxHolic or Kemonozume? (Ooh, got ep.2 sitting here. Hafta watch that tonight)
No. It was the one that wound up being nonexistent!

Yup, I've still got Fruits Basket laying on one of the first DVDs I wrote, waiting to be watched. So much waiting to be watched actually.

Not the former, but I've been downloading the latter.