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Here's Lemon Jelly's set from their Somerset House appearance in 2004. Chill material. (It doesn't feature their album works - rather, it's a remix set)

Most cool - an open source clone of Elite, the classic BBC Micro spacefaring game. (OS X, Linux, Windows)

There's something inexplicably hilarious about the combination of subjects on this page rabitguy stumbled upon. (Not at all worksafe)

Some folks might like to know there's a Danger Mouse box set on its way, for his 25th anniversary, featuring every episode, across 12 discs. ^_^

rifkafox noted this explanation regarding recent Sony lithium ion battery troubles, as used by several laptop manufacturers; and this comment explains a little more about the nature of Li-ion batteries.

Freenigma is a nice little Firefox plugin that adds GPG encryption to various webmail services, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

OmniWeb 5.5b4 is out, featuring - amongst other things - one bugfix I've been pining for since the 5.5 project was launched, bringing OmniWeb's version of WebKit up to date with Safari's. (Beyond, in fact) Finally, workspaces once more preserve vertical scrolling position. OW5.5 is such a good browser. ^_^

FairUse4WM is a Windows utility to strip the DRM from Windows Media DRM 10 & 11 files, used by PlaysForSure-branded files, such as those offered by NapsterToGo.

Quite a good fan-made video, featuring the Pet Shop Boys set to the world of the Cybermen.

And I should like to take this opportunity to note that tiger prawn & crushed garlic Pringles are absolutely nummy.
Yep, it's confirmed! Have you been able to introduce the show to any new fans?

Excellent! And, yes, I took the Eccleston-era DVD box set with me when I visited plushlover, and we watched all the episodes. I know he enjoyed the series, even though beforehand he wouldn't have known a Dalek if it came up and goosed him ;-) I did explain a little bit of the Doctor's history to him before we started watching, but, for the most part, I let him experience the Doctor on his own *chuckle*. I also subjected him to Tom Baker's "The Ark in Space", but that didn't go over quite as well :-P But of the adventures of the Ninth Doctor, I think plushlover's favorite was "Father's Day", which isn't such a bad choice, IMHO.

I'm still so pleased the Doctor finally returned, and with such a strong showing.

Oh, I am, too :-) I just wish that they'd do more than 13 episodes in a series and that they'd get to the US sooner for those of us without BitTorrent and broadband connections at home ;-)

And Torchwood starts in a couple months, too. Captain Jack, yay! ^_^

Yay! for Captain Jack, indeed! I wonder if the first episode of Torchwood will explain how he returned from the Game Station/Satellite Five.

BTW, if you've got some loose change you can dig out from the sofa.. =:)

*grin* After the week I've just had at work, I'd love to be able to get this guy, stick him behind my desk, and scare the hell out of everyone coming into my office ;-)
The Ark in Space? I've probably seen it, but ages ago. Watching a few of the "original" series (Pertwee, T Baker, Hartnell) did rather highlight the considerable change of pace the shows have undergone - much as I love the show, the criticism of spending way too much time in corridors is quite valid. =:)

Father's Day - not a bad choice at all. True, it's melodramatic, but who cares? They managed to pull off the story without it seeming mawkish, but genuinely deeply touching.

how he returned from the Game Station/Satellite Five

Ooh, that'll be a yarn and a half. ^_^ I really should watch some of Eccles' season again, especially the second half - ye gods, Dalek, Father's Day, TEC/TDD, and that finale.. damn, they did a great job.

Pity the show's not yet being recorded in HD, but ISTR it's high on the list for the first to receive such resources. Not that the current visual quality's bad at all, but I'd love to see it in 1080p. I wonder if any major broadcasters still film anything? Probably not - editing and effects are vastly simpler to bring about in the digital realm, so I suppose it'd just wind up being scanned anyway, at which point they might as well just capture digitally to begin with. And thinking of film.. wonder if they might try a full-blown cinematic voyage sometime, fully canon? (cf the Christopher Lee films) They've shown they've got some strong writers on board, and there've already been a few stories which effectively were movie-length, just cut in half for broadcast.. wonder if Jobs or Gates are fans of the show? ^_^

(Wouldn't it be fun to have them appear as cameos? *grin*)

And if you can't quite manage the not-a-Dalek-honest-guv right now, there's always the Cyberman mask.. =:)