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Here's Lemon Jelly's set from their Somerset House appearance in 2004. Chill material. (It doesn't feature their album works - rather, it's a remix set)

Most cool - an open source clone of Elite, the classic BBC Micro spacefaring game. (OS X, Linux, Windows)

There's something inexplicably hilarious about the combination of subjects on this page rabitguy stumbled upon. (Not at all worksafe)

Some folks might like to know there's a Danger Mouse box set on its way, for his 25th anniversary, featuring every episode, across 12 discs. ^_^

rifkafox noted this explanation regarding recent Sony lithium ion battery troubles, as used by several laptop manufacturers; and this comment explains a little more about the nature of Li-ion batteries.

Freenigma is a nice little Firefox plugin that adds GPG encryption to various webmail services, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

OmniWeb 5.5b4 is out, featuring - amongst other things - one bugfix I've been pining for since the 5.5 project was launched, bringing OmniWeb's version of WebKit up to date with Safari's. (Beyond, in fact) Finally, workspaces once more preserve vertical scrolling position. OW5.5 is such a good browser. ^_^

FairUse4WM is a Windows utility to strip the DRM from Windows Media DRM 10 & 11 files, used by PlaysForSure-branded files, such as those offered by NapsterToGo.

Quite a good fan-made video, featuring the Pet Shop Boys set to the world of the Cybermen.

And I should like to take this opportunity to note that tiger prawn & crushed garlic Pringles are absolutely nummy.
hah, the FairUse4WM works.
Heh, handy! 'Course, you know there'll be a revision to the DRM soon enough to break it, but for existing files, it could prove most helpful. Pity JHymn hasn't yet broken iTunes 6's revised FairPlay, but so it goes. There's always the "write to audio CD, then rip that" method, but that'd be pretty clumsy for any large number of tracks. Thinking of which, I otter get around to getting an account there sometime, and picking up the two Twink albums - way fun. ^_^