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Another security researcher refutes the recent MacBook WiFi vulnerability claim here. Whilst they claimed to have run the exploit on an external USB device and third-party driver, it looks as if no such additional interface was active. If that observation is correct, their claim to an exploit in a third-party driver is false. Such an exploit was a possibility (based on malformed TCP headers) within the FreeBSD tree, but this specific claim lacks reasonable evidence or implementation, having not been demonstrated to any other researchers, nor disclosed to the vendors in question.

If you're looking for another mail client to try, Mulberry might be worth a look. It's available for OS X, x86 Linux, and Windows, and the new owners have made the program available as freeware.

And yet more free stuff: download Bryce 5 here, then register it on their site at no charge until Sep 6. (OS X, Mac OS, and Windows; contrary to the site's declaration, it's fine with Tiger)

For the DJ-inclined, i am the mighty jungulator is an intriguingly weird app.

It looks like Access' strategy in buying the software arm of Palm is finally crystallising, in the form of their Access Linux Platform, which Orange has just adopted, replacing the Cobalt 6.1 kernel, whilst retaining other elements of PalmOS.

As part of an effort to curb AIDS infection, circumcision's being promoted in Swaziland. It's unclear why the procedure should have such an effect, but the article notes "One explanation is that the soft tissue of the foreskin is vulnerable to tearing and bleeding, so this can facilitate the spread of the virus. Another is that the foreskin contains a higher density of cells called Langerhans cells, which are thought to be the doorway for HIV to enter the body." And with the procedure now so popular, patients receive a cut rate. =:)

Good one-minute clip of what may be a wild rabbit, over here.

Interesting.. apparently, females are 3-4 times more likely than males to contemplate suicide, but males are 3-4 times more likely to go through with it.

Animated short. Stars a red panda. Panda Pander.

I heard circumcision can help reduce AIDS risk due to the foreskin potentially holding the virus against the glans, thus increasing risk of infection.

Oddly, I read that in a discussion on whether or not Freddie Mercury was cut or uncut.
Fuckbees...wasn't paying attention to my sentence. Should read: Oddly, I read that in a discussion on whether or not Freddie Mercury was uncut.
It's a curious finding, definitely - ultimately, I suppose what really matters is the outcome. It appears to be a low-cost measure that can contribute to a lower incidence of the syndrome, and gods know such countries can use all the affordable help they can get.

So, was what was that thread's conclusion? ^_^
The conclusion was inconclusive. There were the usual groups, he was, he wasn't, why does it matter, and Freddie didn't reveal his personal life so we shouldn't bother discussing it.

There wasn't much change in anyone's opinion.
(Deleted comment)
I'll be giving Mulberry a try. OS X's Mail works pretty well, but I find myself missing some aspects of Eudora still, such as having the seemingly obvious inclusion of a mailbox pulldown in the menu bar. The only way of switching between mailboxes in Mail is to have that pane open, which I feel to be a waste of UI space. Then there's the time taken to switch - in a large mailbox, that can be a couple seconds, whereas Eudora brought up the mailbox immediately. I'm also not a fan of the pane scheme of UI layout to begin with - while I'm not reading a message, I don't really need the contents of the current message occupying space on screen.

Whether Eudora itself remains a realistic option now, I'm not sure - given Mail works pretty well, and comes with OS X, I wouldn't be surprised Eudora development's somewhat stalled, especially given it's hardly Qualcomm's primary line of business.

Good point with the methods, yes. I wonder if there's any data outlining gender versus method. (How popular is jumping in front of a train?) Of course, there's probably also a strong cultural element involved in both the disposition to such terrible measures, and the means chosen, just as violent crime in the US strongly favors guns, whilst in the UK, it's more likely to involve knives.
I looked at Mulberry a couple of years back. Back when I chose Thunderbird. The project seemed dead as a Thylacine then. Good to see it being revived. Might take a look at it again.
Preserved and on display, but quite inactive?

It seems its fate hasn't really been determined yet, but it certainly would be nice to see the continuation of more choices for OS X MUAs. Wonder if they might just opt to turn it loose on Sourceforge?

Do you have enigmail fitted? You can find my GPG key on LJ, or the public keyservers.
Indeed I do have Enigmail. And a key so full of cruft that I have had complaints because the PGP signature's often longer than my message.
(Now there's a new icon.. is there a story behind it?)

Hee! You went for the 4096-bit option too? ^_^ It seems like such an easy thing to build into a client, yet still, there's no sign of integrated GPG/PGP support by the fruity company or the Redmond brigade. Making the process transparent would be so straightforward, though of course, it would still require the sender to be aware the recipient could handle the encryption. Maybe a multipart MIME could add a "if you can't read this" note. After all, what's the point in sending email in plain text, especially when certain agencies are salivating over the data mining prospects offered by a few easy hooks into places like mae-east?
4096 bit AND I recently upgraded to SHA512 hashing. The problem is that I don't want to get a new ID, so the key's starting to gather up stuff from old Subkeys.

As for needing the other party to support encryption, Enigmail does that. If all recipients have keys, then encrypt, else fall back to clearsigning. Seems to work well. And I think Apple would really set the Ball rolling if their default mail program (Mail?) did that out of the box. (Perhaps with look ups in a keyserver if necessary)

And the icon? That's my character foycelmorkupas Chelga. I'm slowly adding portraits of my characters to my portfolio. Full View here.
But it's rumoured that cut folk have less pleasurable sex lives. Great sex vs Death, what's a Swaziguy to do, eh?

I suppose folk out there are either too poor to afford condoms or see them as unmanly.
It seems to remain a lot of fun for all, in either case, from what I can see. =:)

I believe I've seen both points cited as the lack of condom usage in such countries, yes. Even when given out free, the locals often turn them to much more ingenious uses, such as convenient waterproof coverings. ^_^
HutDoms! Stretch a rubber over your straw roof and keep your fire burning!
I feel an urge to open a condom superstore, "Condom Hut". (Someone's surely already taken Condominium)
Swazis have that urge too!

That's an encouraging adoption of change by social conservatives. Most commendable.

I dare say it'll be a while before Realdoll open an outlet there, though. =:)
Yes, one small shag step at a time.
We look forward to the results of your before & after research. =:)
(Deleted comment)
You've got to capture some video of them somehow. ^_^ They sound like such a contented pair. (Wonder if they might be able to make more bunnies?) Do they tend to come around together?

Definitely, once I'm living somewhere I want to be, and know I'll be able to stay put for more than a matter of months, I'd love to give a home to a pair - but I could probably settle for a view of regular wild visitors. ^_^
Retention of infected fluid would be part of the reason, however the density of Langerhans cells would also be vital.

If you allow me to be bio-geek here. Your skin typically might have around 10% Langerhans cells. These cells act as sentinals, sampling things that may enter the skin. A virus or something will cause them to change, leave the skin and rat out the bug to the immune system. :) They seem to be fairly suseptable to infection, but then again they are sort of designed with the intent of grabbing and internalizing stuff. Some things may be able to evade the digestion that occurs within these cells in one way or another.

Indeed, preventing Langerhans infection is one method that they do think they can use to help prevent HIV infection. Years ago I talked to some people in one lab that were trying to do this very thing, but through medication.
Note: That 10% figure however is variable, depending on the particular bit of skin. Some places will have many more such cells. I did more than a little work with skin immunology for my degree. :)
That's surely a fascinating field of research, not to mention worthwhile - even once we have useful AIDS vaccines, it's plainly far better to avoid infection in the first place. It's terribly unfortunate that there's so little scientific broadcasting; and that which there is tends to be almost condescending in its simplicity. Some of the BBC (and often WGBH co-produced now) Horizon shows can be good in that regard - I recall one on the roles of nitrous oxide in the body being especially good, f'rex. And for its investigative journalism, their look at "cold fusion" a year or two after Pons & Fleischmann's announcement was far more enlightening than anything that's come since. Perhaps podcasting holds out some hope?
apparently, females are 3-4 times more likely than males to contemplate suicide, but males are 3-4 times more likely to go through with it.

That's cause only guys have the balls to go through with it *bada-bing!*

It does hold, though.. of all the folk I've known to committ suicide, it is about a 4-to-1 ratio...
*giggle* Oh dear. =:)

Oof. Sorry to hear you've had that much contact with the phenomenon.. and, unfortunately, it does seem to be the case that those who are serious about suicide tend not to give any warning, as well as being "successful" in the endeavor.

("You have selected: slow and horrible.")