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Another security researcher refutes the recent MacBook WiFi vulnerability claim here. Whilst they claimed to have run the exploit on an external USB device and third-party driver, it looks as if no such additional interface was active. If that observation is correct, their claim to an exploit in a third-party driver is false. Such an exploit was a possibility (based on malformed TCP headers) within the FreeBSD tree, but this specific claim lacks reasonable evidence or implementation, having not been demonstrated to any other researchers, nor disclosed to the vendors in question.

If you're looking for another mail client to try, Mulberry might be worth a look. It's available for OS X, x86 Linux, and Windows, and the new owners have made the program available as freeware.

And yet more free stuff: download Bryce 5 here, then register it on their site at no charge until Sep 6. (OS X, Mac OS, and Windows; contrary to the site's declaration, it's fine with Tiger)

For the DJ-inclined, i am the mighty jungulator is an intriguingly weird app.

It looks like Access' strategy in buying the software arm of Palm is finally crystallising, in the form of their Access Linux Platform, which Orange has just adopted, replacing the Cobalt 6.1 kernel, whilst retaining other elements of PalmOS.

As part of an effort to curb AIDS infection, circumcision's being promoted in Swaziland. It's unclear why the procedure should have such an effect, but the article notes "One explanation is that the soft tissue of the foreskin is vulnerable to tearing and bleeding, so this can facilitate the spread of the virus. Another is that the foreskin contains a higher density of cells called Langerhans cells, which are thought to be the doorway for HIV to enter the body." And with the procedure now so popular, patients receive a cut rate. =:)

Good one-minute clip of what may be a wild rabbit, over here.

Interesting.. apparently, females are 3-4 times more likely than males to contemplate suicide, but males are 3-4 times more likely to go through with it.

Animated short. Stars a red panda. Panda Pander.

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