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If you're interested in learning a (human) language or two, the US Govt's Foreign Service Institute's courses for several languages are now online and in the public domain. ^_^

Try this for size: Unnovations, episode 3. (Should be PSP and iPod compatible, but I've not verified that) It's a spoof of home shopping channels, though with sharper - and darker - humor than you might expect. The first two segments, with the vacation and the luxury tinned food, are perhaps the best.

Running until Saturday, in Regent's Park: an open air production of Babe. ^_^

The cutest antenna connector ever.

Musical discovery of the week: Four Tet. Sort of similar to Bonobo, by way of Fatboy Slim and Boards of Canada. As an example, here are two sample tracks: High Fives from "Everything Ecstatic", and Glue of the World from "Live in Copenhagen".

Kris Kristofferson's "In the News" is a video worth seeing; be warned, it's not exactly uplifting.

As for anime, Welcome to the NHK continues reasonably well, though the pacing feels a little awkward. xxxHolic remains a top favorite, with the recent Demon Parade episode positively magical. On the new front, however, Kemonozume looks like it'll be one to follow, from the director of Mind Game. It opens with a brief introduction, wherein a man saves a woman from being sacrificed to the gods, only to find them both smitten with a curse as a result - they're turned into monsters driven by blood lust. Zoom forward to the present day, where their descendents have intermingled a good deal; in a café, one discusses with another his passion for devouring cute women. Nothing's shown - it's all as a calm conversation at their table.

Problem: people playing in fountains. Solution: signs proclaiming "high levels of hydrogen".

Not quite a Network moment, but still quite damning: Cafferty on CNN (Flash video) expounds on the extent to which a Federal judge ruled the NSA's warrantless surveillance to be illegal, on several grounds.

It seemed to me that austin_dern might enjoy the Comics Curmudgeon column, offering a daily take on those comics which exist outside of any continued justification.

Amusing - SL's seeing its first formal hotel open, courtesy of an RL hotel chain, owners of Sheraton and Westin, amongst others. Of more enlightening interest, however, was the word of NOAA's presence there. Though with the "griefer" problem apparently rising from "rare event" to "routine annoyance", it can only be hoped Linden Lab will actually take the matter seriously, lest they begin draining the world of its real inhabitants, not to mention financial supporters. If you're on there, what's been your experience of late?

If you want to live dangerously online, here's Firefox 3.0a1, codenamed Minefield. =:)

Star Trek and the Holy Grail.

And the icon is courtesy of bunny_soul's kind generosity. ^_^
The new icon is uber-special. ^_^

If the new Babe play is based on the book and not the movie of the book, will we get to see the stage version of the pig pissing on Farmer Hoggett at the fair?

Comics Curmudgeon was ROFLworthy. *bookmarked* If only the reviewer. It's a shame he's never seemed to have heard of Fred Bassett. :)
*grin* I'm definitely pleased with the icon. ^_^ I'll have to (try to) return the favor, once I get off my tail and wield the tablet in anger, so to speak. =:)

Oh! Was that scene introduced for the movie's sake? Ah, such a wonderful film.. brilliant performances from all concerned. (Regrettably, I next saw James Cromwell in The General's Daughter, which offered him a fairly soulless part, not to mention fairly irredeemable. I kept not wanting to feel such revulsion for the character, given how compassionate James Cromwell had been in Babe..)

Eek! FB's another in that long line of strips that outlived their creator, as I recall. ISTR it being somewhat amusing once upon a time, but then again, I was in single digits when I last read any - which might color my perceptions. ^_^; (In my defense, I did also enjoy The Perishers)
Fred Bassett is bore-torture. My mother wondered if the artist draws them in his tea break during his regular job. There's no justice if he makes a living solely off FB.

James Cromwell was tops in Star Trek 8. :)