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If you're interested in learning a (human) language or two, the US Govt's Foreign Service Institute's courses for several languages are now online and in the public domain. ^_^

Try this for size: Unnovations, episode 3. (Should be PSP and iPod compatible, but I've not verified that) It's a spoof of home shopping channels, though with sharper - and darker - humor than you might expect. The first two segments, with the vacation and the luxury tinned food, are perhaps the best.

Running until Saturday, in Regent's Park: an open air production of Babe. ^_^

The cutest antenna connector ever.

Musical discovery of the week: Four Tet. Sort of similar to Bonobo, by way of Fatboy Slim and Boards of Canada. As an example, here are two sample tracks: High Fives from "Everything Ecstatic", and Glue of the World from "Live in Copenhagen".

Kris Kristofferson's "In the News" is a video worth seeing; be warned, it's not exactly uplifting.

As for anime, Welcome to the NHK continues reasonably well, though the pacing feels a little awkward. xxxHolic remains a top favorite, with the recent Demon Parade episode positively magical. On the new front, however, Kemonozume looks like it'll be one to follow, from the director of Mind Game. It opens with a brief introduction, wherein a man saves a woman from being sacrificed to the gods, only to find them both smitten with a curse as a result - they're turned into monsters driven by blood lust. Zoom forward to the present day, where their descendents have intermingled a good deal; in a café, one discusses with another his passion for devouring cute women. Nothing's shown - it's all as a calm conversation at their table.

Problem: people playing in fountains. Solution: signs proclaiming "high levels of hydrogen".

Not quite a Network moment, but still quite damning: Cafferty on CNN (Flash video) expounds on the extent to which a Federal judge ruled the NSA's warrantless surveillance to be illegal, on several grounds.

It seemed to me that austin_dern might enjoy the Comics Curmudgeon column, offering a daily take on those comics which exist outside of any continued justification.

Amusing - SL's seeing its first formal hotel open, courtesy of an RL hotel chain, owners of Sheraton and Westin, amongst others. Of more enlightening interest, however, was the word of NOAA's presence there. Though with the "griefer" problem apparently rising from "rare event" to "routine annoyance", it can only be hoped Linden Lab will actually take the matter seriously, lest they begin draining the world of its real inhabitants, not to mention financial supporters. If you're on there, what's been your experience of late?

If you want to live dangerously online, here's Firefox 3.0a1, codenamed Minefield. =:)

Star Trek and the Holy Grail.

And the icon is courtesy of bunny_soul's kind generosity. ^_^
I haven't been on SL lately (needed to take a break) but I have seen quite a bit of real life things come over to it, such as the concert that was accounced.

I suppose I should learn how vendors work and set up a shop.

Lovely bunny icon :)
It seems like there's quite a lot of options for vending, from simple single-item devices, through to full e-commerce setups that offload most of the processing to external servers. Not something I've really looked into much, given I don't currently have anything to sell, but that could easily change - I should maybe try offering my headphones, though they're fairly specifically designed for bunnies, like so:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Do you have any pics of yourself there? (I'm sometimes tempted to invite people to post pics of their RL selves, but then I think it wouldn't be at all fair to do so, given I can't abide being photographed, at least without fur)

And I'm really happy with the icon. ^_^ The artist's first version for themselves struck me as awfully cute, so when an open offer for them was issued, I had to try. ^_^
Well, I do have a picture of my avatar over at Furaffinity. I'm user jonesybunny there as well. If you log in, you'll see the more adult versions, but initially, it should show you the tame variant, the way I always look.
Hee! Double the fun. ^_^ How did that come about?

Raul Julia.. such a pity his swan song had to be what it was, but for me, he'll always be Gomez Addams. Brilliant casting - and with Anjelica Huston too, for that matter. Ah, that tango scene.. so beautifully choreographed, such smouldering passion! (Wow.. he was a bit over 50 in the Addams Family films? And still so hot..)
Yes, Gomez Addams, though as Mr. Bison he also put down a decent, and his last role. Still, Addams family was a very good movie. Both of them.

As for double the fun, Jonesy is a scientist, so she is able to make serums that can enchance her. Think Jekyll and Hyde, only in this case she doesn't get so cranky. ;)
Hmm, no Icelandic course... damn.

As for the fountain thing, I'm not sure why people playing in fountains are a bad thing to begin with. Admittedly, letting your cunt-spawn shit their diapers in there is kinda "ewwww!", but outside of that... ah well, at least the signs should keep out the stupid. :)

Regarding SL, I haven't been on there in a while and won't be again, so I can't talk about my latest experiences, but I'm not surprised that the whole thing's getting more and more commercial (and less and less appealing).

"Minefield" is a good codename, but it could just as well be applied to *all* Mozilla products. :)
Maybe they were planning on bottling the fountain's outflow? =:) Mm, I can't quite see the big problem either - it's more the solution I found amusing. ^_^

I wouldn't say SL's commercial, but there's certainly opportunities. The hotel's more of a "rapid prototyping" thing, as I understand it, allowing people to wander around and get a feel for the architecture and facilities that'll be in the RL versions. The NOAA presence is purely educational, with a few simulations to help people better understand the forces they contend with.

It's the architectural side of building I'd most love to indulge in, but that'll have to wait until I've somewhere to build on. Meanwhile, I must content myself with rather more modest undertakings, like the headphones above. (Reminds me - I need to find out if my home still exists. Last I knew, it was having to move. Very nice place - plenty of cushions to lounge around on, or sofas if you prefer, and the jacuzzi's worth a dip =:)

I do seem to hear of quite a few instances of Firefox nuking people's bookmarks, especially post-upgrade. I might give it a proper try, but outside of Greasemonkey, OmniWeb 5.5b3 is pretty much unbeatable for elegance, and with the current version of WebKit (born of KHTML), it's pleasantly fast too. For all their other benefits, UI design tends not to be a strong point of open source projects. And with the degree of usage I get from a browser, it really should be as elegant as possible, ne?
*noddles* Absolutely. I'm still stuck with Mozilla 1.7 myself; Firefox has a horrible UI IMO, and its "users are dumb" attitude really annoys me, but Seamonkey has more than its share of problems, too. I recently downloaded the latest version to try it out, but found that it wasn't even possible to close tabs - clicking on the "X" simply didn't work, for example. Doesn't anyone ever test these things prior to a release?

Ah well. :) I'd switch to Opera, but that one's got a number of UI problems, too, and of course, there's no real Adblock alternative...
Ye gods.. that's a pretty basic bug. All I can think is it required some combination found on your system, and not the monkey in question's.

As for ad blocking, maybe something like Proxomitron would work? I'm fairly sure there's a variety of other options too - and with a proxy, external to the browser, it'd work on any browser you chose to fiddle with. (Similarly, I may someday get around to setting up a local mail queue, in order to use external spam filtering. I've got my filters set up quite well, but I'd like to separate out that functionality, for additional flexibility)
I've briefly toyed with Privoxy in the past, but I don't really like most proxies, and I also like the convenience of having Adblock integrated into the GUI - it's really easy to add new filters that way.

Never change a working system. :)
Star Trek and the Holy Grail. Is very good the best thing i've seen on youtube.

Um are those bum trees? The monkey doesn't look very happy
It's really rather well done, ne? ^_^ I just keep wishing YouTube offered higher quality versions to easily download, rather than having to mess around with conversion utilities to wind up with something highly compressed at 320x240. Still, it works, and gods know it's a veritable mine of nifty homegrown stuff, and pop culture obscura. ^_^

Oh, I don't know - they seem like quite healthy trees to me. =:) (The little Flash version of the monkey over here is a bit of fun, too, down in the bottom left)

BTW, what do you look like on SL?
A bit like this?
Only a bit? Is that your stunt double?
Not always!
Ooh - tall, dark, and handsome.. =:)

Is it accurate that the Egyptians removed the brain via the nose? I'm wondering how that works, in practice. It looks as if the brain would have to be sorta patiently scooped out, but I'm not really familiar with the practice.
I think it was broken up with instruments inserted into the nose, and then picked out with hook!and then discarded, unlike the other organs stored in canopic jars, i often wonder if chavs and rednecks are actually reincarnated pharoahs!

Ancient Egyptian hygiene seems to have involved shaving and other more painful practices as seen here here (Probably not work safe).
The monkey gets very excited when you mouseover his coloured bars.

BTW the US Govt's Foreign Service Institute's courses are not very politically correct! I think if you went into a restaurant and asked for bratwurst and sauerkraut they would either kill you or roll about laughing!
I particularly like his reaction at the second from bottom bar. ^_^

How are you getting to EF - flying, or taking the train? Come to think of it, I've really spent very little time on European trains, other than in the UK, which seems to only half-count. =:) Seems like that'd be a really scenic journey, other than the bit in the channel tunnel. Are you looking to impress the Nürnberg locals with your cunning linguistics?

I was most disappointed on my last visit to Hamburg, trying to find some good bratwurst - all the schnellimbiss street vendors seem to've vanished. After a day or two, we finally found some - and really good, too, with some sliced potatoes with garlic and ham flecks as well as the sauerkraut - in an American diner themed place. ^_^;
Flying, I like flying! Some trips abroad flying was the best bit of the trip!

Ja das wetter is sehr Schoen.

Ich bin ein haariges

Haben Sie mein weiches Spielzeug gesehen?

Spiced red cabbage was enough for me! Pity really because 99% of the other german style stuff is really scrummy!
Hmm, Welcome to the NHK was... somewhat boring, although unique. Dunno, maybe it gets better? I think I watched... 4 episodes. xxxHolic on the other hand, is quite interesting, especially with all the little messages on how to think/view/live life. (Words as 'seals'/binds is a concept I've been looking at). It's almost like... a self-improvement anime series =^^= in a roundabout way.

Hmmm, I really ought to try out SL again sometime.
I'm a bit edgy about NHK's pacing - the way it's shaping up suggests it's going to be a fairly slow-moving series, as far as actual developments go. I still like watching it, but I'm beginning to feel a need for the story to progress. On the other paw, I suppose this pace is more realistic - some sudden revelation or fundamental change of character wouldn't be easy to fit in without seeming forced.

xxxHolic has its better episodes, but it's never a bad way to spend 22 minutes. The Demon Parade ep is definitely amongst my favorites; the one following (19, ISTR) was a bit more of a filler, but still enjoyable. And featured a bunny of sorts, which always helps. =:) And there's still quite a bit yet to be revealed about some of the characters, it seems.

And Kemonozume.. hoo! Does seem to hold promise of something rather less predictable than most. The art style takes a little getting used to (like xxxHolic? Egad, those spider arms), but it somehow manages to gel in context. Very good handling of atmosphere - there's very little gore (if any), despite the creatures' violent natures when in demon form. Rather, it's handled through suggestion and implication - much of the episode instead looks at those dedicated to fighting the demons. Not at the combat, of which there's only one scene following the conversation in the café, but the people themselves - the master and his two sons, for example, one the traditionalist, the other the businessman.
The new icon is uber-special. ^_^

If the new Babe play is based on the book and not the movie of the book, will we get to see the stage version of the pig pissing on Farmer Hoggett at the fair?

Comics Curmudgeon was ROFLworthy. *bookmarked* If only the reviewer. It's a shame he's never seemed to have heard of Fred Bassett. :)
*grin* I'm definitely pleased with the icon. ^_^ I'll have to (try to) return the favor, once I get off my tail and wield the tablet in anger, so to speak. =:)

Oh! Was that scene introduced for the movie's sake? Ah, such a wonderful film.. brilliant performances from all concerned. (Regrettably, I next saw James Cromwell in The General's Daughter, which offered him a fairly soulless part, not to mention fairly irredeemable. I kept not wanting to feel such revulsion for the character, given how compassionate James Cromwell had been in Babe..)

Eek! FB's another in that long line of strips that outlived their creator, as I recall. ISTR it being somewhat amusing once upon a time, but then again, I was in single digits when I last read any - which might color my perceptions. ^_^; (In my defense, I did also enjoy The Perishers)
Fred Bassett is bore-torture. My mother wondered if the artist draws them in his tea break during his regular job. There's no justice if he makes a living solely off FB.

James Cromwell was tops in Star Trek 8. :)