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What you don't normally expect to find in an MRI includes chairs, an oxygen tank, and a tiger.

31 Really Bad Masturbation Techniques; mercifully, not illustrated.

One of my favorite articles on the recent airline happenings: "Wait, Aren't You Scared?", summed up in one magical phrase, "suck my insouciance".

Cool beans! The Perry Bible Fellowship has an LJ RSS feed here: pbf_rss. Found just taking a stab at the name, given LJ's search tools seem to be run by Michael Chertoff.

And with the fortuitous discovery of three DVD-Rs, Hyzenthlay now has free space of almost 14GB! I may be tempted to try editing up a new clip or two for the site. FCP5 looks like it could be fun to get to grips with..
Tags: masturbation, mri, pbf, terrorism
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