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What you don't normally expect to find in an MRI includes chairs, an oxygen tank, and a tiger.

31 Really Bad Masturbation Techniques; mercifully, not illustrated.

One of my favorite articles on the recent airline happenings: "Wait, Aren't You Scared?", summed up in one magical phrase, "suck my insouciance".

Cool beans! The Perry Bible Fellowship has an LJ RSS feed here: pbf_rss. Found just taking a stab at the name, given LJ's search tools seem to be run by Michael Chertoff.

And with the fortuitous discovery of three DVD-Rs, Hyzenthlay now has free space of almost 14GB! I may be tempted to try editing up a new clip or two for the site. FCP5 looks like it could be fun to get to grips with..
One time I put two neodymium magnets on each side of my scrotum. They slammed together and the magnetic force was so tremendous I couldn't remove them without tools. I took two pairs of pliers and pulled like hell. They came off but I couldn't feel my sack until the next day, when it hurt like hell.

I Fucking Told You So.
Dare I ask just how that happened? ^_^;

The incident involving the bicycle chain might rank as even more eye-watering, though.
I was sitting in my chair, just wearing boxers, playing with two 3" neodymium magnets, you're supposed to throw into the air, they hit each other and make a crazy noise, and then you catch them. However... I let them land in my lap and they snapped shut around the tip of my foreskin. X.x This was EXTREMELY PAINFUL.
I'm fairly sure there are easier methods of circumcision, you know. =:)
Two neodymium magnets and an MRI machine. :P
Might be better for M2F SRS. ^_^;
31 Really Bad Masturbation Techniques

Erf & LOL. Some of these are really bad. :-P

But without going into details on a public post, some of them will work quite well if you use them properly. ;-)
Oh? Innocent bunnies can always benefit from enlightenment. ^_^
Innocent, huh? ;-)

OK. *blush* Well, not all shampoo is going to dry you out so severely. And why not shampoo it, assuming you have hair down there. ;-) Avoid too much use in the winter though. And what someone said below about bananas is correct - you need a condom to make it workable. And they should not be ripe yet, for obvious reasons. Must practice safe sex when it comes to bananas. ;-)
Some of those masturbation incidents (I wouldn't call all of them techniques, given that there are some genuine accidents in there that simply happened to involve the genitals) are pretty bad, yes. :)
I'm trying to think of anything I could add to that page, but I'm drawing a blank. I've either been sensible, or unadventurous. =:)
Same for me - I've never done anything that went horribly wrong. :) And unlike the duct tape guy, I do keep a pair of safety scissors nearby when I use tape. ^.~
Aw. A CO2 laser would be so much more fun. ^_^
Depends on your definition of "fun", I guess. :)
31 Really Bad Masturbation Techniques

That's putting it mildly. Damn my graphic imagination. Clearly we need to come up with a way to boost common sense via injection.
Some, I can chalk up to just innocent experimentation - but one guy's idea of a blow job? Ahh.. no. Mind you, I'm guessing the lesson was learned. ^_^;

(Seen Marquis?)

My favorite part of "Wait, Aren't You Scared?":

"FDR: Oh, I'm sorry, was wiping out our entire Pacific fleet supposed to intimidate us? We have nothing to fear but fear itself, and right now we're coming to kick your ass with brand new destroyers riveted by waitresses. How's that going to feel?"

The rest of the article is fun too.

I tried watching that "Orbital - Waving Not Drawning" video, but since it's an MP4 and large-sized, it's a bit of a slideshow with really good sound. Do you have it in QuickTime MOV format? That seems to work better for me.

It does make its point rather well. ^_^ Gods, do these politicians have to dance to every tune the loonies play? (Not, of course, that any such actions inconvenience them. Funny how that works. And they never take the opportunity to try pushing for new powers, thankfully)

Oh! That's odd. What speed system are you trying it on? H.264 (aka MPEG-4 Part 10, or AVC) is somewhat more demanding than "plain" MPEG-4, and it's a reasonably large frame size, so it could cause indigestion.

(MOV being just a container, of course. It's the video codec, bitrate, and frame size that spell out whether a system will have to resort to framedropping. DivX/XviD/3ivX are "plain" MPEG-4, as found on most fansubs; H.264's the next version, essentially. Needs more CPU, in exchange for improved quality, even down to fairly improbably low bitrates)

I'll try making up a smaller version and see how that fares.
There.. try this version. Plain MPEG-4, smaller frame size - not ideal quality, but reasonable.
Awww, that poor tiger..

Amusing to watch them pry the chair loose. They could, of course, have just reversed the polarity of the electron flow in the coil.. but that might have embedded the chair in the wall, which wouldn't be much of an improvement.
Mind, he did look adorable even while unconscious, thanks to that tongue..

They could, of course, have just reversed the polarity of the electron flow in the coil..

On the other paw, if they recorded that too, selling copies of the clip on iTMS at $1.99 a pop would probably pay for the wall repairs several times over, and launch the entertainment career of at least one of the technicians in question.

BTW, I take it you've seen this site on coin shrinking Tesla coils and other such joys of life?
I posted one of my best Masterbation sessions to omg_tmi a while back. http://community.livejournal.com/omg_tmi/27963.html

As someone said earlyer some of those 31 work if dome a tad bit more carefully. A warm Banana in a condom feels very very nice indeed!
HEE! Ingenious. ^_^ I can imagine that would work really well - those kinds of seaweed are remarkably slick, without being slimy. (And I read the other week that charcoal made from some kind of seaweed resulted in a markedly more efficient battery electrode, too. Now, if that same kind's edible as well, we've pretty much got all life's essentials covered =:)

I wonder if it's possible to use a CO2 laser on very short pulse, as with hair removal, to give tiny not-quite-stings.. could be quite fun. Of course, safe calibration beforehand would be a Very Good Idea.

Don't suppose you've got EHT supply construction expertise? I have a suitable tube.. ^_^
I can verify from experience that one of the techniques can be bad if done improperly. Not saying which one.

My fear of flying is limited to thinking that I won't be able to make a connection with the new delays.
Come now, there's surely a good tale to be told. ^_^

Flying just seems to become ever more fun with the "Be afraid! Only we can protect you!" insecurity meme that's been so prominently paraded in the last few years. Fingerprinting and photographing at the US border, RFID idiocy in passports.. still, nice money for the contractors in question.
Some things feel good at the time, but sting later. During the teenage years I learned a few things not to do. :-P #7 is close to one of them.

But the weirdest of things just needed to be perfected.