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The cynic in me quite enjoyed today's Sherman's Lagoon.

The OS X developer tools occupy 2GB, including fairly extensive documentation. Ye gods. Still, it's good stuff, and entirely gratis.

And in other news, one piercing artist has developed a successful method for piercing fish, here using a labret stud. Photo included.
Yeah, the documentation does take up a lot of space... but 2GB? You sure? I thought it was more like 1.5GB or something... ::doesn't know for sure anymore, had deleted various bit and parts of it::
Seems so - I had 1.5GB spare on Linsang (the Panther partition), and thought I'd move a 550MB file out of the way, to give a bit of wiggle room. Towards the end of the installation process, it began grumbling about low space, and showed about 200MB free, so I shifted another gig away, which is what was left by the end of it all. The /Developer tree is only 840MB, though, which surprises me somewhat - the CLI tools surely can't amount to another gig. Maybe I'll peek inside the packages, and see what's installed outside /Developer.

Oh, OmniWeb 5.0b1 just came out.. you might want to give it a play. Looks nice so far, and its tab handling is rather slick.. also includes RSS handling, which I might wind up using for my Friends page. I'm not sure what restrictions there are - they'd previously mentioned 5.0 final would be a $10 upgrade for existing licensees. Not too bad going, given I bought mine in late 2000, and 4.5 runs quite happily without payment, just not offering homepage customisation, and will overlay an "unlicensed" watermark after something like ten minutes of idle time, until you move the mouse/press a key.
::nods:: I'll take a look at it after the final version is released... I don't want to evaluate beta software and let a crash make it (more or) less good/bad/great than it actually is/will become. The history searching looks like something I might use, as well as the spell checking and internal HTML source editor (now that's an interesting function...).
Yep - unfortunately, it's been problematic for me, in the limited time I've played with it. It seems to keep running into problems with not releasing http connections, and thereby eternally stalling when loading a new page, even preventing normal quitting sometimes. Still, it's a great taster for what's in store - the bookmarks are far nicer, workspaces look handy, and their take on tabs is simply nifty, as they present a live thumbnail of the page in question. Very promising indeed, but for a stable version, 4.5 is the one to try. I'd imagine it should settle down fairly quickly - they're good at sorting out their bugs.

The speelchucking is a Cocoa feature, actually, as with Mail - works quite well, I find, and catches the occasional mistyping I might produce. The HTML editor I've only really toyed with on occasion, but it's been handy with slightly troublesome pages, such as ones with extremely long "words", forcing the page to be wider than it genuinely is - it's trivial to snip out that word, and just reload the edited version.
Mmm, yeah, I'll wait for the final version.

::nods:: I know 'speelchucking' (heh) is a Cocoa feature. It'd be nice if Safari implimented it though.
As an angler, I have successfully pierced many fish. :-)