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My Little Pony
I've always had a soft spot for the Cybermen, I have to admit. Not the Daleks, no - I was dutifully hiding behind the sofa with everyone else, at least early on. ^_^ (Somewhere on the BBC's Doctor Who site, they've got a section rating the next episode by children - it's so heartening to see a whole new generation clinging to their parents in fear =:)

I'm so pleased the Doctor's back. When I first learned of the show's return, and with RTD at the helm, even, I was happy, but still cautious - would they just sneak the show in somewhere in the schedule, and say they gave it a try? And then came the news it'd be getting a 7pm slot on Saturday night - the absolute best slot they could offer. And then, three weeks early, came that little gift upon the digital shores, of the first not-quite-but-very-nearly-finished episode.. and I was almost bouncing off the walls all the next day. ^_^

I do like the new Cybermen, though. Much as I enjoyed the basic look of the 80s version (I always liked moon boots, but seeing them on Cybermen didn't quite work =:), the new ones are a much more convincing villain - and this time around, still with their memories intact, just suppressed. I wonder if we'll come across others as we saw in the season finale, where their personalities have remained intact..
I always kind of liked the Daleks, though their voices could get irritating after a while. I think it's mostly because I always though that Davros was cool. The only Dr. Who monster I remember being afraid of were the Drashigs from "Carnival of Monsters".

As for the new Cybermen, I should have said I wasn't as fond of their looks. I haven't actually seen any of the new episodes yet. I've been too busy, among other lame reasons. But I plan to remedy that soon. I've been a little afraid of it, too, because I don't want a very good series to get wrecked. But from what I've heard so far, it sounds like they're doing a decent job.