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Which would you rather be?

My Little Pony
Aw. I had to vote for the Cybermen, because they're lagging behind. Plus I've always thought they were kind of cool. I'm not so fond of the newest version, though. I'd rather go with the look they had in the 80's. Just keep those mathematical geniuses with their damn gold badges away.
I've always had a soft spot for the Cybermen, I have to admit. Not the Daleks, no - I was dutifully hiding behind the sofa with everyone else, at least early on. ^_^ (Somewhere on the BBC's Doctor Who site, they've got a section rating the next episode by children - it's so heartening to see a whole new generation clinging to their parents in fear =:)

I'm so pleased the Doctor's back. When I first learned of the show's return, and with RTD at the helm, even, I was happy, but still cautious - would they just sneak the show in somewhere in the schedule, and say they gave it a try? And then came the news it'd be getting a 7pm slot on Saturday night - the absolute best slot they could offer. And then, three weeks early, came that little gift upon the digital shores, of the first not-quite-but-very-nearly-finished episode.. and I was almost bouncing off the walls all the next day. ^_^

I do like the new Cybermen, though. Much as I enjoyed the basic look of the 80s version (I always liked moon boots, but seeing them on Cybermen didn't quite work =:), the new ones are a much more convincing villain - and this time around, still with their memories intact, just suppressed. I wonder if we'll come across others as we saw in the season finale, where their personalities have remained intact..
I always kind of liked the Daleks, though their voices could get irritating after a while. I think it's mostly because I always though that Davros was cool. The only Dr. Who monster I remember being afraid of were the Drashigs from "Carnival of Monsters".

As for the new Cybermen, I should have said I wasn't as fond of their looks. I haven't actually seen any of the new episodes yet. I've been too busy, among other lame reasons. But I plan to remedy that soon. I've been a little afraid of it, too, because I don't want a very good series to get wrecked. But from what I've heard so far, it sounds like they're doing a decent job.