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Which would you rather be?

My Little Pony
Well, I know we did see Bender leering at some centerfold schematics once or twice..
Yeah... although if those were male centerfolds, he's hiding in the closet really, really well. :)
Well, he's certainly open to experimentation - remember the episode where he becomes a fembot in order to win in the Robot Olympics, and winds up having Calculon fall for her. ^_^
I'm not sure I recall that one... you're not talking about the episode where he transitions from Bender the Offender to Gender Bender, are you? :)
Ahh, I need to watch that one again. ^_^ Only seen it once, I think.

The one I'm thinking of is "Bend Her", which I've got listed as season 5, episode 13.
You mean season 4 - season 5 will be aired in 2008. :) In any case, after checking Wikipedia, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen that one at all yet...