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Poll #790141 Free upgrades

Which would you rather be?

My Little Pony
MLP definitely. You can't kill MLPs by blowing gold dust at them.
Didn't they overcome that somewhere around the second Baker, though? They were still vulnerable to being speared, though, as we saw in Silver Nemesis. The Cybus Industries version seems to be quite an improvement in that regard.

Or are you just letting the cute side of your psyche show? =:)
I'm all full of saccharine, big-eyed, rump-branded goodness, don't you know.

My little 'yena, my little 'yena!/ Something something I forgot the lyrics./My little 'yena, my little 'yena/Something something needs more beer.
I'm thinking Bender would've made a good hyena. ^_^
However, you can just impale them on a length of scaffold and watch them squeal and bleed out, unlikely to affect a cyberman.

...I can't believe I just took part in a CYBERMAN VS MLP discussion. How internetty.