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A strip I'd like to highlight, on suppressing oneself, from XKCD. Just so. ^_^ Dilbert will get stuck up on many, many more cubicle walls, but that's the strip that deserves to be.

In a meme, I noticed the question "H is for home town" - but, what does that mean? Your birthplace, where you grew up, where you currently live, or where you call home?

BTW, email sent in the past day or so may have bounced - it looks like it's safe to resend now, if necessary.

In Second Life news, I was tickled to see the likes of Duran Duran, and on Tuesday (5pm Pacific), Kurt Vonnegut venturing in. The former intend to begin in-world concerts next month.

Favorite WWDC quote: "'It's a slight disappointment,' Gene Munster, analyst at Piper Jaffray, said. 'They announced exactly what people were expecting.'" (True, I would've preferred it had the keynote featured His Steveness in a bunny suit) The Time Machine UI's pretty nice. Like any backup reading, hopefully not something I'll need to encounter other than deliberately.

No huge news: the Mac Pro (dual Woodcrest at 2, 2.66, or 3GHz; 8xECC FB-DIMMs up to 16GB; GeForce 7300GT, X1900, or Quadro FX4500; four SATA drives; two optical bays; dual gig-E) and Xserve joined the rest of the lineup in going Intel, some Leopard neatness was on show, and various bits of marketing info were trotted out, including two bits that caught my interest - of last quarter's visitors to Apple Stores who bought Macs, 50% were new to the platform; and of notebook retail sales in the US, their share's risen from some 6% at the start of 2006, to 12% currently. Jolly good show.

Nothing on the MacBook Pro front, but Merom's inevitable. Wish there were some prospect of a faster GPU, but AFAIK, the X1600 Mobility's currently about the best mobile offering. Maybe it can get a bump up to 512MB - more VRAM never hurts, especially with GPUs being increasingly used for general compositing duties.

Despite the slightly cheesy name, Calitics is quite a good weblog-style site for progressive California political musings. (Found as a result of pundit Bill Bradley throwing a snit. Yay! I've barely heard of the guy, but that exchange was quite amusing)
I'll be the Mac nerd for this post and just say that I'm incredibly impressed with the Mac Pro, even though it is officially too much machine for me.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of Windows integration (if any) is worked into Leopard, since they were conspicuously quiet about that (aside from the obligatory Boot Camp mention) during the presentation.

It's quite a heavyweight system, no question - and thankfully, they've been able to trim back on the heatsinks, though they're still hefty, as this article shows. Though coming from the last revision G5s, any more cooling would've entailed a cooling tower as well. =:) Me, I'm a portable sort exclusively - my next will be a MacBook Pro, once Merom makes its way in. Which will tie in nicely with hopefully having the money, so everyone's happy. ^_^ (No, Second Life has nothing whatsoever to do with my angling to upgrade. That would be silly :)

As far as I've heard, the official line's just that they'll be keeping Boot Camp, and leaving virtualisation to others, notably Parallels and EMC. I'm guessing that'll wind up being the case, given there's so much else for the fruit engineers to work on, and Apple wants to be promoting OS X, rather than anything else. Sounds like Parallels are going to be meeting VMware's challenge - hopefully there'll be a place for both of them.

I also noticed resolution independence was missing from the keynote, but that's in there, from WWDC whisperings. That said, I'm actually quite content with Hyzenthlay's display - 1680x1050 17" works really nicely for OS X. (Previously, I'd been using a Wallstreet, with its 14" 1024x768. Indeed, in the weeks before taking possession of Hyzenthlay, it'd been an original iBook - 12" 800x600. The contrast was.. perceptible :)
I'm stoked to play with Parellels (which led to this post of mine for similar reasons, but substitute Second Life for *ahem* Sims 2. Silly indeed ;) I can understand the somewhat "hands-off" approach to virtualizing Windows; it's not something they want to be too enthusiastic about at this point. I also know where you're coming from on the display note. I transitioned from a 12" Powerbook G4 to a 20" Cinema Display. The difference was, um, yeah.