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How's this for a lightning photo?

A Canadian look into furrydom, courtesy of CBC Radio 3 today, in their Subcultures series. The weblog entry for this episode can be found here (their links included): 'If you're wondering, what is a furry exactly? This might give you a better explanation than I could. Also, if you've ever seen the C.S.I. episode "Fur and Loathing", you might have some preconceptions - but I warn you, furries are pretty sensitive about that: they feel their subculture was unfairly portrayed in a wildly inaccurate, inflammatory manner. Hear more about that - and what makes furries tick - on Subcultures.'

What happened when Dalí met Disney: Destino. Here, you can see a brief clip of it - but the short remains languishing in the studio vaults, having finally been finished off a couple years ago. It had been assured a DVD release, but sadly, that seems to've fallen by the wayside. Being something of a fan of Dalí's work, I'm sincerely hoping we do see a release soon, worthy of this unique collaboration.

And coming on August 29, BT's first new studio album in a good while: This Binary Universe. Take a peek at the trailer. Me want.
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