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How's this for a lightning photo?

A Canadian look into furrydom, courtesy of CBC Radio 3 today, in their Subcultures series. The weblog entry for this episode can be found here (their links included): 'If you're wondering, what is a furry exactly? This might give you a better explanation than I could. Also, if you've ever seen the C.S.I. episode "Fur and Loathing", you might have some preconceptions - but I warn you, furries are pretty sensitive about that: they feel their subculture was unfairly portrayed in a wildly inaccurate, inflammatory manner. Hear more about that - and what makes furries tick - on Subcultures.'

What happened when Dalí met Disney: Destino. Here, you can see a brief clip of it - but the short remains languishing in the studio vaults, having finally been finished off a couple years ago. It had been assured a DVD release, but sadly, that seems to've fallen by the wayside. Being something of a fan of Dalí's work, I'm sincerely hoping we do see a release soon, worthy of this unique collaboration.

And coming on August 29, BT's first new studio album in a good while: This Binary Universe. Take a peek at the trailer. Me want.
When God needs to cook his waffles, we his/her humble subjects are given a beautiful display of him/her burning his/her tea.

If you look at it horizontally it kinda looks like an electric squirrel.
It'll certainly reheat a bucket of popcorn chicken quite well, assuming you like the taste of ten thousand degrees. ^_^

Hee! You should try merging the two images in Potatoshop.
(Deleted comment)
It's baffling. So much work's gone into it, both originally and in its completion; it's been very warmly received at all its cinematic outings (exclusively film festivals, AFAIK, or did it actually serve as a pre-feature short somewhere, I wonder?), both by audiences and critics alike.. so why bury it like this? Googling around suggests it had been due to appear on DVD a couple times after its debut, but it doesn't seem as if anything's happened on that front in the last two years or so. *sigh*
That's certainly a cool photo. Mmm, I'll have to listen to the show tomorrow or so (right now, it's too late)... ducktapeddonkey already posted it, but I haven't gotten around to his version, either. Ah well. :)
You've got to wonder that people involved in lightning research like that are doing it because of the benefits to society and because it's incredibly cool. =:)

Ah, this is a special high quality version from our secret operatives. ^_^ Think I'll listen to it later on in the bath, but the omens do sound good - the writer of the show's apparently got a good background in subcultures himself, eg, an article on Worldcon, and an interview with him.
*noddles* That's cool. :) Mmm, have fun listening to it, and tell us what you think. ^_^
Oooh, pretty. I want to play with lightning, too! I'm convinced that's why a lot of people go into science in the first place.
*grin* I'd hope so. ^_^ There's a so much beauty to be witnessed in nature that whether in a lightning bolt, or the fractals of a fern frond, surely most people can't fail to be inspired in some way.

'Course, it's probably no coincidence that some of the best chemistry demos are those involving highly exothermic reactions. =:)
'Course, it's probably no coincidence that some of the best chemistry demos are those involving highly exothermic reactions. =:)

That's very true ;-) From my experience, the chemistry demonstrations that people enjoy the most involve one or more of the following: high exothermicity, electricity, colorful lights (either flames or chemiluminescence), or liquid nitrogen...
When my trainie quits we'll have an opening. :-P

We do electrical testing with artificial lightning. Not nearly as exciting as the real thing, but having five foot sparks is still neat.
Awright! Can't wait to hear it. Buddy D_Otter was interviewed for it and I would have been too if I didn't live in the friggin' boonies! *sigh*
Thanks for passing it along.
Hee! Not sure I could ever be interviewed successfully, vocally at least - I only tend to sound vaguely sentient through text, or with friends I know. ^_^

(Bah! Still haven't had a chance to listen to it! Sounds like it turned out pretty well, though - but it did seem the writer/presenter had a good handle on life outside the mainstream to begin with)
Gah! They only interview one person. Fortunately, it's a good interview. Hmm... checked the CBC site and it doesn't say who they interviewed. Hands up? Must cross-post to Canadian_furries.

Man, we really need a full-length movie to cover everything. It's a visual medium after all and radio doesn't do it justice. Sort of like describing magic tricks no?
New BT album. OOOO. DUDE!

...except... what the hell was that? Was that "Inside the BT's Eye?" Was that some weird posthuman commentariat? And, most of all, didn't that sound like an overdramatized soundtrack for, I dunno, Final Fantasy 12?

I'm kinda scratching my head and what you found interesting there... audio-wise. Visually, well, yeah, visually nice.
You win an AWG 4 tube of the internet.

I'm treating the trailer as something of a k'n'n'n translation - it's something you receive, and then work out what it actually means. Especially with them - multiple brains, you see, so the translations arrive as 8x8 matrices, which don't necessarily follow any specific sequence.

It's awfully difficult not to be distracted by the shinies, though. Gods know, I've watched that Seeed video several times lately, primarily for those rackety-coons and their wondrous luminous liquor (which I must bring into reality).

And now I'm swimming in Infected Mushroom.. ooooh, such a luxuriant lather.
Okay, what yet another codec must I get for the Destino file to work?
VLC and Mplayer do a very nice job, without any need for adding codecs yourself, amongst others. The video codec's H.264 (audio being AAC), which you can also find in QuickTime 7. Any MPEG-4 compliant player will be fine, but those are the three I check against.