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Oooh, yes.. that did work well. ^_^

Half a can of no-name cream of chicken soup, three bird's eye peppers, two large cloves of garlic, couple teaspoons of muscovado sugar, small bunch of basil, chopped, left to simmer gently. Eventually, a finely diced chicken breast and a few dried eggplant slices, a couple teaspoons of tamarind paste, a sliver of shrimp paste, and the juice from an eighth of a lime. That carried on simmering for another twenty minutes or so, and was duly served with some of the aforementioned brown rice.

Happy panda.

Stinkin fire made me forget to have you analyze the Wonton Soup from Rickshaw boy that I've been raving about... I know the Ingredients, and the key secret of everything being cooked seperately, but I cant figgure out the soup base!!!
Ah, now there's a challenge.. not something I've tried often, though. I may've only had wonton soup three times.. ^_^;; C'n you try describing the tastes? Quite a light, subtle flavor, as I recall.

Time for me to go sniffing around the web for some suitably soupy recipes. ^_^