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Quick techie question: I'd like to enforce rate limiting to a total of 26K/s outbound on sftp connections. Is that supported by the daemon (a chroot-patched version running on 10.3.9), or would I be better off implementing that (how?) under Apache?

(There's no specific reason Ocelot's still running Panther rather than Tiger - basically just haven't had any need to change it, given Ocelot's only a secondary system now)
Hey! You're alive! =^.-=

Mmm, I don't think I have a working hotline client anymore... nor do I remember where your server's located, if it's still up.
Heh! I do live, even if its a miserable huddled existance that involves one MMORPG or another. Uh, also, no hotline server, those days are long gone into the realm of pleasant nostalgia. But yeah, how goes it, this life?