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Quick techie question: I'd like to enforce rate limiting to a total of 26K/s outbound on sftp connections. Is that supported by the daemon (a chroot-patched version running on 10.3.9), or would I be better off implementing that (how?) under Apache?

(There's no specific reason Ocelot's still running Panther rather than Tiger - basically just haven't had any need to change it, given Ocelot's only a secondary system now)
Say what? Engrish preeze! ;-)
It must be plain English already! Mac owners are inherently unaware of anything more technical than turning on their computers, after all. =:)

Gods, it's so nice to have all of perl, apache, python, ruby, ssh/sftp, Java, etc included as standard. A long way from the olden times, where such things would be distant ports, if available at all. It's something of a welcome return to the early days of home computing, where every system came with at least their own version of Basic, so any new user could hack away at programming, with no need to shell out for development tools.
The IBM XT that we had for a while (2x5.25" drives, green screen, Dos 4) would run a basic interpreter if it had no OS (i.e. no floppies)