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With more than a touch of irony, the people who led the CGI movie into reality, causing Disney to abandon 2D animation entirely, are now going to be bringing it back to them: John Lasseter's backing the hand-drawn The Frog Princess, and will likely be producing Rapunzel similarly. Like so many, Eisner couldn't separate the medium from its success - it's not the CG that brought Pixar to prominence, but good stories and excellent casting. And some very good tech.

As schnee posted, Eivør Pálsdóttir - Brostnar borgir is well worth listening to.

"But in a Classic Maya funerary vase from northern Guatemala, now in the Princeton University Art Museum, the rabbit was made into a scribal god! Among the Maya, divine scribes usually are monkeys. It is not known if there were any rabbit scribe gods among the Maya."

So, AMD did indeed buy ATi. Hopefully this won't affect ATi's neutrality as a vendor, nor any OEMs' relationships, given some - Apple included - will be in the position of using Intel chipsets and AMD GPUs. I'd imagine there's little to be concerned about, but some acceptance of the situation from Intel would be reassuring.

Is it just me, or are the Seeed raccoons utterly adorable? Creepy, but adorable. ^_^

Gadget for the day: this 2.5" drive enclosure, which also functions as a video playback device. You can use it like any other USB2 external drive, or plug it into a monitor or TV to play back MPEG-1/2/4 files, and includes a remote control. Now, a version with WiFi as well would be rather nifty.. pity it doesn't support battery operation, though.

Here's one of my current favorite anime openings: xxxHolic. (Despite the title, the show is entirely worksafe =:)
I know this is urelated to your post, but I figured this was a good way to get in touch with you. My brother got this game called Lugaru last week, and I thought you might like to know about it, in case you hadn't already. :)

And the sequel's in the works!

You might also want to support this fine lapine-inclined developer with a t-shirt or two. ^_^ (I have one on white, and another on grey =:)
I like Mr. Negativity's thoughts on the AMD ATI merger.

First AMD's finances:
Then talking about nVidia:

And yeah, I downloaded the Seeed video for the raccoons. The other characters are more creepy.
Mm, quite a level-headed look. I hadn't realised AMD was going to need to borrow quite that much to pull off the deal - as he says, the timing does seem a bit odd. Then again, I get the impression this has been quite a long time in coming - quite possibly it would've been awkward to cancel the arrangements at this stage. And the payoff does seem plausible, both further in the future, as well as rounding out the product line in the near term. Like him, though, I'm a little concerned this might freeze out folks like Apple from having a free choice in GPU vendor - would they insist on nVidia GPUs to go with their chipsets? I'm hoping not - and with any luck, such attempts would be stamped on as anticompetitive, though anything goes with Bush in power.

Indeed, the gorilla's not too much fun - but then, I'm not a big fan of simians. Prosimians, though, are another matter entirely. ^_^
(thought balloon over the rabbit scribe's head)
"There, that's the last one. Now that I've replaced every image of the Cuniculati at work with silly monkey-scribes, nobody will ever know of our illustrious order, or how we rule all above from below. Our secrets will be safe again."
'Meanwhile, we can use dolphins as a distraction. There we go: "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish".. they'll never catch on to who we're really talking about.'
I think the raccoons are more creepy than adorable myself, but that's just me. :) But certainly, the other animals in that video are as well...

It's maybe just as well there aren't any rabbits in it - it wouldn't do to have lapines depicted as creepy. ^_^ I wonder if they'll have any other videos set in that world, or if that was strictly a one time affair..

Come to think of it, the gorilla reminds me of the one in ILM's "Work In Progress" experimental short.
I don't know, but I think there's other videos for their songs on Youtube (and probably Google Video). But yeah, I'm also happy they didn't feature wolves...

I'll watch the ILM movie as soon as it's finished downloading. :)
Ah, good point! I'll take a peek. YouTube and Google Video are wondrous inventions, no question.. the variety of work up there is just incredible, and it's so easily searched, thanks to the use of tags. Case in point: that "Runaway" video I'd been looking for for years. Given it's been covered many times, just googling for it proved futile - and then I thought to check YouTube. Bingo!

It's really quite a pity that short wasn't developed into a full feature - I loved the setting and possibilities it might offer! Still, for a technology showcase, it's pretty cool they went to the trouble of scoring it and obtaining professional voice talent.. excellent choice for the professor.
*noddles* Well, a technology preview/showcase is something you try to make look as good as possible, so that doesn't surprise me. :) It was an interesting short, too, FWIW, although a bit... well, inaccessible. I'm not actually sure what it really was about, to be honest. :)
I love the chihuahuaraffe. =:) But then, I've always had a fondness for the surreal - it's no surprise my favorite artists are Dalí and Bosch. Or that I enjoy the work of Guy Maddin so much, especially Heart of the World and The Saddest Music in the World. ^_^

Hmm. I've got a small version of HotW around.. here it is. It was produced as a brief short for a film festival, hence the degree of early cinematic homages, not to mention the ending. Such an intense few minutes - positively exhilarating!

(Not exactly any more accessible, I'll grant =:)
*noddles* Yeah, surreality is nice, isn't it? I personally like Magritte a lot, not to mention Escher; I think both of these certainly qualify as surrealistic, too, even though probably not in the same sense as Dalí. ^.^

I'll watch the HotW video when it's downloaded. :)
WHERE did you get that icon? I bought a button with a very similar graphic (although unanimated, duh) from the artist, at AC. I think her last name was like a Polish spelling of Tchaikovsky. Nu?
That's Nekopan ("Catbread"). ^_^ Wikipedia credits the creator as a Japanese children's author/artist, Hirose Takuro. Seems to've passed into urban folklore now, so it seems to be part of that global cyber collective consciousness thingummy.
Thanks! The one I have is actually a foxloaf... but now I know where she got the idea. Adorable!
Hee! I've got to see that. ^_^

(I should show you an episode or two of Kogepan sometime - only a couple minutes long each. He's a bread that was left too long in the oven, winding up burned. So, nobody wants to buy him. He drowns his sorrows in milk)
Catbread! :D
Hey, have you seen Hoodwinked [http://www.hoodwinkedthemovie.com/]? There's a bunny in it~ It's not the best movie ever made, but, eh, yeah.. it's not too bad.

Mmm, they ought to make that into a 3.5" enclosure...
Yay! wonderfully creepy raccoons drinking glow-in-the-dark Booze!
How come I can never play any of the MP4 clips that you post here? I have Quicktime, isn't that what you're supposed to use to play them?
I'm having the same trouble as foxcoon, and only with the MP4 video files linked here. QT seems to be the only thing that likes them, and then the audio track plays normally while I get only about three or four frames every 20 seconds.

Which is a shame, cuz I'm still itching to see that Secret Squirrels BBC2 doc!
Curious - I generally test everything with the stock QuickTime Player, VLC, and mplayer, to ensure platform independence. If you're experiencing severe framedropping like that on larger frame-size files, it's possible the load's too high for the system, as H.264 (aka AVC, or MPEG-4 Part 10) is a bit more demanding than "plain" MPEG-4. (The benefit in these cases being the ability to squish the files down to manageable sizes, whilst retaining decent quality) How does something with a smaller frame size perform, such as the North Korea documentary?
Which North Korea doc is this?

I confess I know next to nothing about video file formats, but while my system is older, it dutifully chews through pretty much every video I've thrown at it with nary a burp. By contrast, the xxxHolic piece ran for 1:30- I heard every note, but counted 18 frames total. Could be a performance issue. I'd be willing to try a different player app, if I knew where to start.