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Anyone who knows what this movie's based on will realise it instantly. ^_^ On the Western front, however, comes Arthur and the Invisibles - written and directed by Luc Besson. ^_^

Interesting pic: a red panda marionette. But bunny pic for the day has to be Dance, Bunny, Dance.. :-9 Or, for the less fluffily inclined, thewerewolf came up with a positively spiffy lupine Cyberman. ^_^


Some thoughts on Second Life's future spotted over in their forum, pertaining to its near and medium term. Worth a read, even if you're not on SL, for the speculative possibilities mused upon.

Here's quite a reasonable documentary on the country: Welcome to North Korea. A stark production, even allowing for the justifiably dolorous commentary.

Happily, it seems Merom is shipping now, earlier than previously expected; hopefully that means a bumped MacBook Pro sooner as well. Though as far as I can see, the X1600 Mobility's still about the fastest mobile GPU around, with nothing faster imminent - a speed bump there as well would be especially pleasant.

The AMD/ATi merger rumor mill's started up again, and sounding quite plausible. Here's a detailed examination from Ars Technica on the feasibility thereof, from a few weeks ago, looking at marketplace and technical perspectives. (Why not nVidia? Hannibal notes they're larger and more profitable - AMD would have to go into debt, whereas ATi's a much more palatable acquisition financially)

And to go with that shiny new graphics card, how about a nice large display? You might want to push the chair back a bit using it, though.

Oooh.. is it HD-capable as well? I admit, that's one point in favor of getting a MacBook Pro to succeed Hyzenthlay - the ability to play 720p/1080p files flawlessly. H isn't too keen going too far above 848x480 H.264 - 1024x576 is into the "might, might not" range. It's SL that's the primary motivation, I admit =:)

Haven't seen much of Dokuro-chan yet, no. I've been slacking on the anime front a bit - I'm way behind with Utawaremono, and only up to halfway with Princess Princess, and barely even started with Kashimashi. I have been keeping up with xxxHolic, though, despite the eternally funky artwork. (Reminds me, I otter finish off Utena someday)
Uhh, I watched the xxxHolic Movie and the Tsubasa movies, cause the xxxHolic one was also made by the guy who did Guu. But otherwise, I've just not had the heart to watch any anime, as I still haven't gotten past my anime burnout.

Also, yeah, HD capable. The resolution on the monitor/tv is very widescreen though, so some games annoyingly won't support it, and stretching is le major suck.