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Anyone who knows what this movie's based on will realise it instantly. ^_^ On the Western front, however, comes Arthur and the Invisibles - written and directed by Luc Besson. ^_^

Interesting pic: a red panda marionette. But bunny pic for the day has to be Dance, Bunny, Dance.. :-9 Or, for the less fluffily inclined, thewerewolf came up with a positively spiffy lupine Cyberman. ^_^


Some thoughts on Second Life's future spotted over in their forum, pertaining to its near and medium term. Worth a read, even if you're not on SL, for the speculative possibilities mused upon.

Here's quite a reasonable documentary on the country: Welcome to North Korea. A stark production, even allowing for the justifiably dolorous commentary.

Happily, it seems Merom is shipping now, earlier than previously expected; hopefully that means a bumped MacBook Pro sooner as well. Though as far as I can see, the X1600 Mobility's still about the fastest mobile GPU around, with nothing faster imminent - a speed bump there as well would be especially pleasant.

The AMD/ATi merger rumor mill's started up again, and sounding quite plausible. Here's a detailed examination from Ars Technica on the feasibility thereof, from a few weeks ago, looking at marketplace and technical perspectives. (Why not nVidia? Hannibal notes they're larger and more profitable - AMD would have to go into debt, whereas ATi's a much more palatable acquisition financially)

And to go with that shiny new graphics card, how about a nice large display? You might want to push the chair back a bit using it, though.

I hope not. :)

And yeah, at least it was mentioned in the auction piece, but I still think it's a bit... well, unfortunate at best. Ah well.

Interesting movie about North Korea, too, BTW (I'm just watching it).
Mm, I'd want to see a scan of the piece itself as well, ideally looking as the touched-up version already does.

It's not a bad documentary, I felt - perfectly frank about them being always under surveillance, and the grimly pompous air of a city with skyscrapers with almost nobody in them, or going anywhere, whilst still remaining free of hyperbole, and even taking a look at perspectives from both sides of the border, literally. I also have CNN's reworking of Channel Four's "Dispatches: Inside the Secret State", which I may upload at some point - it's got some good footage, but I found their insistence on providing a recap after every ad break (ie every thirty seconds) along with the animated logo in the bottom left, just too distracting after a while. One I'd love to lay my paws on is from the BBC "Holidays in the Axis of Evil" collection - unfortunately, the version I saw around had much of the North Korea segment missing, through someone not recording it in time. Hopefully it'll see a repeat sometime, as others in the "Holidays in the Danger Zone" series were very well worth watching, such as the four countries visited in "Welcome to the Stans": Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.
*noddles* That definitely sounds interesting, too, yes (although it's a pity they didn't include Turkmenistan).

If you find any of those, be sure to post them, though. :)
Actually, I do have Meet the Stans, somewhere. Hopefully. ^_^ I'll see if I can dig the files up for transcoding to an uploadable size (my webspace has a 50MB/file cap - it'd be possible to link them seamlessly with a reference movie, though, which I might try, but it always seems like a good idea to keep things simple) sometime this week.

It was quite an interesting short series, indeed. At one point, the presenter visits a bioweapons storage lab, with pretty much zero security, and the flasks held in rather elderly household fridges. He later visits an old time caviar fisherman, who unwraps a veritable log of the stuff for the crew to enjoy, sitting it out himself as he's tired of it. ^_^ In another part, he gives a ride to an Islamic militant with unconcealed hatred of the ways of "the West", in a part of the country (I forget which) with no small degree of sympathy for such people. It's quite a mix - a definite credit to the BBC, and all those involved.

(There must be a word for that special frustration felt on losing one's writing, and having no option but to redo it all.. :-P I mistakenly reloaded the page, effectively wiping an almost complete reply. Hey ho)
*noddles* Losing your writing sucks, yes. >_> What browser are you using? Mozilla at least preserves (or tries to preserve) form contents when you reload a page...

Yes, sounds like quite an interesting series. :)

And as for webhosting... you could always just split the file itself into several parts and upload those separately, or use a service like RapidShare.de or so. :)