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Anyone who knows what this movie's based on will realise it instantly. ^_^ On the Western front, however, comes Arthur and the Invisibles - written and directed by Luc Besson. ^_^

Interesting pic: a red panda marionette. But bunny pic for the day has to be Dance, Bunny, Dance.. :-9 Or, for the less fluffily inclined, thewerewolf came up with a positively spiffy lupine Cyberman. ^_^


Some thoughts on Second Life's future spotted over in their forum, pertaining to its near and medium term. Worth a read, even if you're not on SL, for the speculative possibilities mused upon.

Here's quite a reasonable documentary on the country: Welcome to North Korea. A stark production, even allowing for the justifiably dolorous commentary.

Happily, it seems Merom is shipping now, earlier than previously expected; hopefully that means a bumped MacBook Pro sooner as well. Though as far as I can see, the X1600 Mobility's still about the fastest mobile GPU around, with nothing faster imminent - a speed bump there as well would be especially pleasant.

The AMD/ATi merger rumor mill's started up again, and sounding quite plausible. Here's a detailed examination from Ars Technica on the feasibility thereof, from a few weeks ago, looking at marketplace and technical perspectives. (Why not nVidia? Hannibal notes they're larger and more profitable - AMD would have to go into debt, whereas ATi's a much more palatable acquisition financially)

And to go with that shiny new graphics card, how about a nice large display? You might want to push the chair back a bit using it, though.

"The preview image is a digitally touched-up version of what you will recieve. The original does not have any shading on the body, and also on the original, there is some discoloration on the shoulder on our left." - Wow. Nothing like misleading people who, for unfathomable reasons, will think that the picture shown is actually what they will get, is there? :P *headshakes* Ah well.

The raccoons are totally adorable, though. ^.^
It's an odd move, certainly, though stating it clearly in the description seems fair enough. I'll admit it'd probably deter me from bidding, without a scan of the actual physical piece, just in case that discoloration were pronounced.

Still, as auctions go, it's not even in the same league as one I saw on eBay last year, for a "Mac tablet". The guy was describing that it would be an iBook with the display rotated around and the based sealed to the display half, forming a tablet. The only picture was a rendering (flawless, naturally). Now, given the practicalities involved in trying to mod a laptop into a tablet.. it maybe could be done, but it'd be a considerable undertaking, given how delicate display data cables are, let alone making the end result look good, with the hinges now pointing outwards. And then there's the having to add touchscreen sensitivity.. ^_^; (Oh, and refunds were explicitly not going to be offered)

I don't think it received any bids. ^_^
I hope not. :)

And yeah, at least it was mentioned in the auction piece, but I still think it's a bit... well, unfortunate at best. Ah well.

Interesting movie about North Korea, too, BTW (I'm just watching it).
Mm, I'd want to see a scan of the piece itself as well, ideally looking as the touched-up version already does.

It's not a bad documentary, I felt - perfectly frank about them being always under surveillance, and the grimly pompous air of a city with skyscrapers with almost nobody in them, or going anywhere, whilst still remaining free of hyperbole, and even taking a look at perspectives from both sides of the border, literally. I also have CNN's reworking of Channel Four's "Dispatches: Inside the Secret State", which I may upload at some point - it's got some good footage, but I found their insistence on providing a recap after every ad break (ie every thirty seconds) along with the animated logo in the bottom left, just too distracting after a while. One I'd love to lay my paws on is from the BBC "Holidays in the Axis of Evil" collection - unfortunately, the version I saw around had much of the North Korea segment missing, through someone not recording it in time. Hopefully it'll see a repeat sometime, as others in the "Holidays in the Danger Zone" series were very well worth watching, such as the four countries visited in "Welcome to the Stans": Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.
*noddles* That definitely sounds interesting, too, yes (although it's a pity they didn't include Turkmenistan).

If you find any of those, be sure to post them, though. :)
Actually, I do have Meet the Stans, somewhere. Hopefully. ^_^ I'll see if I can dig the files up for transcoding to an uploadable size (my webspace has a 50MB/file cap - it'd be possible to link them seamlessly with a reference movie, though, which I might try, but it always seems like a good idea to keep things simple) sometime this week.

It was quite an interesting short series, indeed. At one point, the presenter visits a bioweapons storage lab, with pretty much zero security, and the flasks held in rather elderly household fridges. He later visits an old time caviar fisherman, who unwraps a veritable log of the stuff for the crew to enjoy, sitting it out himself as he's tired of it. ^_^ In another part, he gives a ride to an Islamic militant with unconcealed hatred of the ways of "the West", in a part of the country (I forget which) with no small degree of sympathy for such people. It's quite a mix - a definite credit to the BBC, and all those involved.

(There must be a word for that special frustration felt on losing one's writing, and having no option but to redo it all.. :-P I mistakenly reloaded the page, effectively wiping an almost complete reply. Hey ho)
*noddles* Losing your writing sucks, yes. >_> What browser are you using? Mozilla at least preserves (or tries to preserve) form contents when you reload a page...

Yes, sounds like quite an interesting series. :)

And as for webhosting... you could always just split the file itself into several parts and upload those separately, or use a service like RapidShare.de or so. :)