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This story is a horribly good example of why marriage/civil unions must cover same-sex couples. Matters of human rights are not something any politician should cowardly shy away from on the pretext of leaving it to local rather than national government. (Even more so when one party is determined to void such rights entirely, yet still the other remains so faint of heart)

darac pointed out this handy utility for showing all your current and recent LJ logins, showing timestamp, IP address, and the browser used. You can also log any current session out, if you forgot to do so before leaving a public system, for example.

More presidential hilarity ensues as Bush decides to give Chancellor Merkel a surprise neckrub. Thankfully, he at least managed to get the hint and desisted a few seconds later.

Interesting map of popularity of religions by US state. (Click on a state to see the breakdown for that one)

Is there a way of seeing all of a mood icons set, just as with user icons?

Some personal thoughts on stem cell research over here - well worth a read, bringing the matter out of the realm of the abstract.

So, yet another MPAA-approved movie download service trumpets its debut, this time aiming at burning the movies to DVD. Couple small catches, though: burning is achieved using only their FluxDVD-based software, so, Windows only; and it claims to have additional protection on the burned DVD as well, possibly of the "farked around with enough to choke any computer player, but probably okay on a standalone player" variety. Best of all, though, are the prices, starting at $9, going up from there, such as Firewall for a mere $19. *cough* You get to swallow the download allowance, of course, and pay for the DVD-R and any packaging, too. It's a surefire success!

In other DRM news, the faux Napster continues its trajectory, share declining from 9% to 3% in Q1, losing $200m over four years. The number two music service? eMusic, which employs no DRM whatsoever; and as they note, "the average iPod owner has just 21 iTunes Music Store songs on their device". (It's no secret the iTMS is there as a support service of sorts, not a money maker - it's estimated Apple makes a profit of as much as 3¢/track, given the labels' share) 'Course, it'd be interesting to see a histogram of purchases - I'd imagine very few buy any downloaded music at all, DRMd or otherwise, with a few percent of player owners responsible for the great bulk of the figures.

(Hm. eMusic's offering a two week free trial, covering 25 tracks. As with most such offers, you need to actively cancel within that period, rather than consent to continuing, as I'd much prefer, but not a bad offer)

Yay! Thanks to mycroftb, I've been able to verify video streaming in SL really does work. Now to see what performance tweaks are possible - but the internet Daily Show clip from the other day plays perfectly, albeit only at 6fps or so. So I know H.264/AAC/MPEG-4 files are fine. (File under "famous last words" =:)

Ye gods. I actually had a furry dream last night. Set in SL. ^_^ Nowhere real, but I recall foxymoonheart was core to the story, along with a comic store..

You scored as Either. You brain is neither specifically male nor female in the way you perceive things. As bad as this sounds it can easily mean that you are capable of combining both gender aspects to your advantage. Rather than being genderless you are possibly able think freely. This does not mean that you are bisexual or androgynous or indecisive, but it might.










Should you be MALE or FEMALE?*
created with QuizFarm.com

While answering a survey recently, a couple of the options available caught my eye:
<td></td><td>Nice to see the second option there. ^_^</td>

<td></td><td>One of these things is not like the other..</td>

Seeing examples like the story you link to do show why it has to go all the way to marriage. Why do people have to be asshats at times like that...

And for the last survey, I see the interesting combination.
It's so bitterly disappointing to see the matter become just a cynical political ploy to shore up the hard right vote, too, when not one of these bigots can credibly explain just how another different couple can threaten their own marriage. ("Sanctity of marriage" - ah, yes. As exemplified by Ms Spears.. or the dozens of DC lawmakers who've divorced, committed adultery, or been involved in domestic violence. I'm guessing we won't see constitutional amendments there)

*chuckle* I was just going down the list, and came across that one.. ^_^ Ah, wish I could tick the "plan to buy" box.. I grew up with big dogs (lab/retriever, then Golden Retriever, later joined by the world's daftest German Shepherd), and there's nothing quite like smooshing one's face into a fluffy furry chest. ^_^
I think this goes to show that people who refuse to recognise same-sex marriages do so out of hatred, because I don't see any other reason why someone would want to cause someone else furthar grief at a time like that except hatred.
That religious breakdown map is quite interesting. Pity they apparently forgot about Alaska and Hawaii, though.

Regarding the marital status survey, here's something similar which I liked: gender selection when you sign for phrasebase.com. ^_~

And the other part of the survey reminds me of this. :)
Ahh, good point! I'd be particularly interested to see how Hawaii works out. Maybe I can drop them a line, and see if the graphic could be updated accordingly..

*giggle* Definitely quite an informal selection there. Very cute. ^_^ 'Course, I'd like to see a "yes" option as well. =:)

Just getting a 404 on the final one at the moment, I'm afraid.
Sorry, my mistake... the correct URL is http://schneelocke.net/images/weird/okieright.gif :P

But yes, the other one's nice, isn't it? There's still a couple of options missing I'd like to see, but at least they offer more than just "male", "female" and" prefer not to say". :)
Eep! Okay, I see what they mean, but that phrasing could have been a little better.. ^_^; (MAC's? Ugh.. isn't it horrible to witness apostrophe abuse? Not to mention mangling an abbreviation into an acronym. And I don't even have a CMD key - it just has the Apple logo, and the splat symbol, ⌘. Okay, it's got an official name, but to me, it's splat. ^_^ Which my Russian tutor also applied to Ж, claiming Cyril named it so after swatting an insect and being inspired by the pattern)

Maybe they could add "Diva" to the choices. More people need to be able to declare their fabulousness. ^_^

Heh. Yeah, "diva" would be nice, and I can actually think of several people for who this would be a natural choice. ^^

And yeah, "MAC's" is rather horrible. But be glad you don't live in Germany, at least; in German, when you want to say "X's foobar", you have to leave out the apostrophe to be grammatically correct, but most people are too stupid to even realise it's not the same as in English these days. Not that it's a big deal, but it's somewhat annoying (and somewhat disappointing, as it shows just how widespread stupidity really is). :)
I think it might only be possible if someone gives you the link. (Did that work?)
Oh, coolness! Gods, there's a lot of moods to cover.. I particularly like the "dirty" one. ^_^ (Our retriever used to love running off when he first came to us (free to a good home! Even with a documented pedigree, though that wasn't significant to us), and living in a small town/large village at the time, that meant lots of farmland around. So he'd often wind up utterly filthy, and as happy as can be =:)
At some point I intend to go through that list and tot up "Good" moods vs "Bad" moods. I feel there are more of the latter.
Yay! I made one of your posts!
And that's not all! You also get a copy of our board game! =:)
Coolies! I'll give it a publicise on my LJ!

I really should play Bunnies and Burrows someday. Somehow, I missed out on RPGs entirely at University, though my reading was given something of a rekindling, as I devoured all that Alan Dean Foster had written. Not a timeless author, certainly, but still, Spellsinger's such a lot of fun. And something like To the Vanishing Point was an entertaining little tome. Ahh, would that Spellsinger could make it to the big screen.. one might think the success of TLtWatW might offer some hint of commercial success. I suppose it could happen.. might be fun dropping ADF a line, and seeing if there's any current option on the film rights. Though that by itself is far from a guarantee a film will actually wind up being made, of course.
Ms Merkel is now infected with Bush nanoprobes and will begin hearing the voice of God.
Oh gods. We must monitor her interviews' coherency carefully. But there's a bright spot - a cure could possibly be developed, not only for her, but the original vector also.
"We are the Bush. You will be liberated. Your religion is futile. Your fossil fuels will be added to our own"
I think you mean "All your oil are belong to us".
Nope! Oil *is* a fossil fuel. :)

"Coal, oil and gas are called 'fossil fuels' because they have been formed from the organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals."
Ah, I get the joke. Sowwies, my brain is broken. *hug*

Yea eMusic!!
I LURV my eMusic!!
Sign up for it, you won't regret it!
It's packed full of nuggets of joy!
Sure, none of the MAJOR labels are represented (no Beatles or Britney Spears for youuuuuuuuu!!), but you can always go to iTunes for the occasional track.
Or buy a flippin' CD.
So anyway, eMusic = damn good.
It has the French Kzinti Seal Of Approval.

interesting how in most of those states "No Religion" hovers around 15-16 percent
One of these things is not like the other..

Indeed.  What does it mean to "use a dog regularly"?  Hunting?  Petting?  Semi-lame excuse for walkies?
Crispin is kind of an old friend from the past. From what I remember of him he is a soft spoken man with deep feelings. I morn at his loss.

As far as stem cell research goes as long as they keep mistakenly putting it in the same bag as abortion it will never go anywere in this country. Thank the goddess that other countries are picking up the torch for this one. My mom actually calls it organ harvesting. Thats what they preach in the churches. Organ harvesting from the unborn.

I'm finaly leaving Ft Bragg for good. We need to hook up sometime and grab some yummy food somewere.