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Dean Grey - American Edit is an album worth hearing; and as the article notes, it can be found to download over here. It's a mashup, but one that works exceptionally well: try Doctor Who on Holiday, for example, based on Green Day's "Holiday" and The Timelords' "Doctorin' the Tardis", with a bit of Shrub and the Daleks as well. Way cool.

And you could do worse than check out the tracks linked here, such as DJ Vollsuff - Buy Some Cheese. ^_^

But enough of that. Watch the swishy fox and his equally swishy tail. ^_^ (Thanks to mycroftb for pointing that out! It's almost hypnotic =:)
Tags: american edit, beatfox, dean grey, dj vollsuff, doctorin the tardis, swishy tails
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