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Dean Grey - American Edit is an album worth hearing; and as the article notes, it can be found to download over here. It's a mashup, but one that works exceptionally well: try Doctor Who on Holiday, for example, based on Green Day's "Holiday" and The Timelords' "Doctorin' the Tardis", with a bit of Shrub and the Daleks as well. Way cool.

And you could do worse than check out the tracks linked here, such as DJ Vollsuff - Buy Some Cheese. ^_^

But enough of that. Watch the swishy fox and his equally swishy tail. ^_^ (Thanks to mycroftb for pointing that out! It's almost hypnotic =:)
That's a nice music blend there. Though that old Doctor Who song on its own is unbearably cheesy. It's like a football anthem for Time Lords.

Beatfox really knows how to groove. I wonder how he'd dance to Doctorin' the Tardis. :)
I admit it - I've always had a soft spot for glam rock. Which probably comes as a surprise to absolutely no-one. ^_^

Wonder if Tennant could be tempted into making a video for DtT, maybe for Children in Need. Even aside from Eccles no longer being the Doctor, I really can't see him rocking out.. and I get the impression Tom Baker would sooner chew on broken glass than wear that scarf again. =:)

He certainly can move! I should see if that dance is something of his own creation - there's quite a few dance loops in SL, typically created in Poser, apparently, but obviously, creating new ones takes time and talent. But many of them can be overlayed on each other, for even more variety, so SL dances are never dull. Surprisingly fun, actually. (And even if a snuggle is purely virtual, the feeling of serenity induced is anything but)

Don't think I've seen many squirrels there, though. Ah well. =;)
I've often found that the strength of emotion a hug conveys is proportional to the graphic quality of the avatars. Being cuddled by a 1cm tall block of 8-bit pixels never did much for me. But I do melt when Moth's simple MSN smiley face hugs me, I admit ... I guess that personal relationships with people influence the strength of the emotion as well.
"Vollsuff"? Oh my. :)
Okay, what's that cheesy grin on your face about? =:)
I just think it's a rather bizarre name - and, for that matter, not one that exactly inspires much confidence in his skill as a DJ. :)
Hmmmmm ... the animations in Second Life have got a lot more sophisticated since I left .. :)