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Just a quickie for now. Feel free to email if you're wanting anything more substantial. =:)

The Register takes a hands-on look at the Core 2 Duo.

Interestingly, now that the primaries are done with in California, it seems - for now, anyway - that Schwarzenegger is once more vulnerable. According to the mildly Republican-leaning Rasmussen pollsters, "Our first election poll here since California's June 6 primaries shows the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Phil Angelides, with a narrow lead of 46% to 44% over the incumbent." This compares to Arnie leading 49-36 in April, which became a level 45-45 in May.

Yay! I've never been a big fan of iChat's substitution of ASCII smileys with cheesy graphics, especially the all-too-happy one associated with :-P - so I went googling, and found the complete answer:

cd /Applications/iChat.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj
mv SmileyTable.plist SmileyTable.plist.disabled-as-theyre-really-annoying

Quit and relaunch iChat, and you're done. ^_^ (Assuming you're using English as the system language, and are an admin user, as the permissions on the file are root/admin) This is in Tiger - it seems the file used to belong to a private framework, once upon a time:


Ruff Trigger looks like it could be a fun game.. only for PS2 and Xbox, though - no sign of a PSP version. Meanwhile, if you've been thinking of buying one of Pangea's games, they're currently holding a weekend sale on all their downloadable titles for $10 each.

And if you go wandering around certain factories, you never quite know what kind of elevators you might encounter..

A hawt fox and sticky paws, please!
If only those buttons were functional.. =:)
Give it a few months and I'm sure they'll find a way to pop frisky foxes out of the vending machine. Those SL folk are inventive types. :)
Well, someone is offering free Daleks in the Skymall - only one thing on their minds, of course. So it wouldn't take much work to just alter that impulse and rework the avatar.. =:)
"Ruff Trigger"... that sounds like the name of a new Zetatoys dildo. x.x
*giggle* The suggestion must be made to them. ^_^

Hm. Wonder if they do a lapine version.. 'course, I'd sooner I were attached to such, complete with luscious, soft white bunny fur all over. What would standing in a summer's breeze feel like..
MMMmmmm... very, very good, I'd say. I'd opt for wolf fur myself, of course, but basically, I very much agree...
They do have a bunny one. No fur though. ;__;

Oooooh. I think I know what to get myself as a birthday present later this year. ^_^ And I've not heard a bad word about their products' quality..
It occured to me that people must have to actually *test* these products for quality and pleasure-giving factors before release. I imagine it's like software bug-testing.
Certainly would make a fun read on the craigslist job pages. *giggle* Wonder if there are performance bonuses..
It is an... interesting apparatus, to say the least ;-) *innocent whistling*