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mycroftb showed me this site, a classic of the internets. Its focus? Pictures of yawning bunnies. (Note that it referrer-checks, so you can't simply pass around links to individual photos)

rabitguy pointed out Kami, a furry short from France. (Or, thanks to the inestimable KeepVid, click here to download the file (32MB), rather than use Guba's Flash viewer)

Yay! Only my second exposure to the wonder of Dr Tran: Roybertitos. ^_^ Thanks to mycroftb for that. And why does that cook remind me of stego_s_aurus..

You will never see anything cuter, you know.
(Deleted comment)
I don't think anyone could design a cuter bunny pic. ^_^ Everything, down to the little marking above his right eye.. ah, he must have built up quite an impressive karmic balance in previous lives. =:)

Oh, by all means, link away! I'm simply passing on a link mycroftb kindly shared. ^_^
Your HTML's broken.
Merely innovatively structured, I prefer to think. =:)

Should be okay now.
*chuckles* That's one way to put it. ^^
Those bunny yawns are adorable. Especially the one where one of 'em yawns and the other has a "WTF are you doing?" look on his face.

BTW dear, I think that big bunny pic at the bottom of this post is breaking LJ friend pages with some sort of dark Sith HTML. ^_^;
There are so many wonderful pics there. Naturally, I had to slurp them all. ^_^ (Though it looks like two of the three video clips are missing) Number 29's another classic, ne?

"Watch out for that tree!"
BWAHA! You reminded me of Homer!

"Simpson! Homer Simpson! He's the greatest guy in his-to-ry! From the town of Springfield, he's about to hit a chestnut treeee ... AGH!"

Trees are bad for bunnies, 'cause meat eating birds can hide in 'em.
*giggle* Oh, so many great lines in the earlier seasons.. patch_bunny uses this quote as his .sig, f'rex. =:)

Bunnies aren't made of meat! We're made of.. carrots! Yeah!
I saw the ep that siggy came from the other day. Homer is a well-meaning monster father! (remember the clown bed he made for Bart when he was small?)

Apparently trees do help buns in winter at least when it's cold and there's no food, because they eat dead bark to survive.
Thats too cute! Now attach a handle to the back and you've got a dust bunny!
Awww, adorable! Heeeee!

Though, uh... it's put you in a horny mood? :P
Nono, I was feeling that way beforehand. Occupational hazard of being a bunny, you know. =:)
aaw.. cute bunny photos.
But I had to suppress a sudden urge to yawn when looking at them :P

I wonder if humans are unique in yawning being contagious? Fairly sure I remember reading it's that way too amongst some of the other hairier apes.

(I say "hairier", given simian fur seems to be fairly rough stuff. Nothing compares to bunny fur, though =:)
Nothing compares to bunny fur
Oh yeah.. I agree 100% with that =;)