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The Limpidity Yearbook is now available - $8.99 on paper, or $3.40 as a PDF download.

Via mycroftb, an excellent one minute short: Permission.

Yay! More furry music from runtt. Well, a different version of an older track, but still. ^_^ Well worth listening to! (Over here!)

Oooh.. ten year glowsticks. Shiny.

Quite a cool prototype FurAffinity shirt.

Would that the conclusion were accurate, but I did enjoy this article coyo pointed out: "Stuffed-Animal Biodiversity Rising".

Rather cool: authorised torrents for all three series of The Secret Life of Machines, about 1.2GB each.

Got to love this LA job: "Get Paid to Watch Gay Porn", starting at $7/hr. "It is boring and sometimes taxing work (unless you're a huge porno fan), so in my experience 6-8 hours a week is plenty for one person. Looking for a few people with that much time to fill. However we do have a few prodigies who work 80-100 hours a week doing this."
I should look into the chemistry of those glowsticks - I wonder how the different colors are actually achieved? Presumably liquid state phosphors, excited by the radiation (alpha?).. could always drop the company a line, and see if there's any prospect of such. The trade from recreational use is surely far greater than just long-term safety illumination, after all. (Or maybe not?)

Cool beans! I may have to snag a copy from you at some point, unless the torrents remain healthy into the end of the month - which seems fairly likely, I suppose. Running fairly tight on space at the moment, until I can put in an order for some DVD-Rs. And pens, which will hopefully arrive with their end caps properly secure this time.. last pack had them slightly open, so they were effectively pre-used. :-P
(Deleted comment)
D'oh! Of course. Wonder what the actual spectra of each version looks like.. it might be possible to add a filter to produce orange, but there might well be too little green in the pink, and little red in the green. But a different casing would be trivial for the manufacturer..

Ah! Coolness! Okay, I can deal with that. ^_^ I really otter just wipe Ocelot's drive at some point, given it's no longer a primary system - it's 60GB, minus Panther (which I should replace with Tiger, but then, I only ever VNC into it for video compression now, so I can let it churn away for however long without loading Hyzenthlay), and a few backups (music, mail, etc). Meanwhile, I'll see what I can do about clearing away a few gigs.