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The Limpidity Yearbook is now available - $8.99 on paper, or $3.40 as a PDF download.

Via mycroftb, an excellent one minute short: Permission.

Yay! More furry music from runtt. Well, a different version of an older track, but still. ^_^ Well worth listening to! (Over here!)

Oooh.. ten year glowsticks. Shiny.

Quite a cool prototype FurAffinity shirt.

Would that the conclusion were accurate, but I did enjoy this article coyo pointed out: "Stuffed-Animal Biodiversity Rising".

Rather cool: authorised torrents for all three series of The Secret Life of Machines, about 1.2GB each.

Got to love this LA job: "Get Paid to Watch Gay Porn", starting at $7/hr. "It is boring and sometimes taxing work (unless you're a huge porno fan), so in my experience 6-8 hours a week is plenty for one person. Looking for a few people with that much time to fill. However we do have a few prodigies who work 80-100 hours a week doing this."
7 bucks an hour isn't much for that kind of work (and anyone who thinks watching pr0n for money is a great job, keep in mind that a) you have to fill out forms while you're doing it, b) you cannot fast forward when it gets boring, and c) it *will* get boring, and it will *be* boring most of the time. Oh, and d) you have to continue even after you jerk off.)

Ah well. As for the 10-year glowsticks... they don't say *how much* they glow, do they? I'd be surprised if they had any useful amount of glow left even after a few months.