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The Limpidity Yearbook is now available - $8.99 on paper, or $3.40 as a PDF download.

Via mycroftb, an excellent one minute short: Permission.

Yay! More furry music from runtt. Well, a different version of an older track, but still. ^_^ Well worth listening to! (Over here!)

Oooh.. ten year glowsticks. Shiny.

Quite a cool prototype FurAffinity shirt.

Would that the conclusion were accurate, but I did enjoy this article coyo pointed out: "Stuffed-Animal Biodiversity Rising".

Rather cool: authorised torrents for all three series of The Secret Life of Machines, about 1.2GB each.

Got to love this LA job: "Get Paid to Watch Gay Porn", starting at $7/hr. "It is boring and sometimes taxing work (unless you're a huge porno fan), so in my experience 6-8 hours a week is plenty for one person. Looking for a few people with that much time to fill. However we do have a few prodigies who work 80-100 hours a week doing this."
TSLOM is brilliant, isn't it? And Torrents are always helpful for webmasters.

And the Gay porn thing, I can see that being tough. Some poeple will find it disgusting and will struggle to stay interested enough through the whole film. Other people will be aroused by it and a three-hour stint (one film) would make anyone's balls blue. Those people who can watch a full porn film objectively must few few and far between.
I just wish I had spare disk space! I'm running fairly tight for the next couple weeks, until money arrives in the account. Would be so very welcome if more shows could be made easily available like that, officially - I dare say people would still buy the DVDs regardless in many cases, for possibly higher resolution, the case/notes, and just something they can easily slip into their or a friend's DVD player.

Certainly, I can see that job being quite hard difficult, as you say. You can't just tune it out until the next scene of interest comes along, after all, and certainly can't let yourself enjoy it, given it takes place at their office.

Ah, how many ways there must be to coyly refer to the job on one's resumé..