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The Limpidity Yearbook is now available - $8.99 on paper, or $3.40 as a PDF download.

Via mycroftb, an excellent one minute short: Permission.

Yay! More furry music from runtt. Well, a different version of an older track, but still. ^_^ Well worth listening to! (Over here!)

Oooh.. ten year glowsticks. Shiny.

Quite a cool prototype FurAffinity shirt.

Would that the conclusion were accurate, but I did enjoy this article coyo pointed out: "Stuffed-Animal Biodiversity Rising".

Rather cool: authorised torrents for all three series of The Secret Life of Machines, about 1.2GB each.

Got to love this LA job: "Get Paid to Watch Gay Porn", starting at $7/hr. "It is boring and sometimes taxing work (unless you're a huge porno fan), so in my experience 6-8 hours a week is plenty for one person. Looking for a few people with that much time to fill. However we do have a few prodigies who work 80-100 hours a week doing this."
Thank you for the Limpidity shout-out, hon! Unexpected and wondeful! ^___^

The prodigies must have red raw dilly-o's.

Have you heard of the new Volkswagon Rabbit? ^_^

Ooh, shiny! I'll have to see if VW's site has a reference copy of the design. ^_^ Sometimes, companies will devote a part of their PR pages to various versions of their logo(s), and sample product images.
It's a Canadian model. The badge was taken from this ad video.

Found a better one! From a car badge supplier.

Yay! Perfect. Just a slight rotation, and some cropping/resizing later.. ^_^
And ta-da ... ICON!
Oooh.. ten year glowsticks. Shiny.

Yes! Now with radiation! I need one...
(Deleted comment)
I was wondering if I might encounter any problems mailing a CO2 laser tube to someone in the GWN. Given it's suitable for light cutting duty.. =:) ('Course, first it needs a 99.999% pure gas supply, and a ~40kV/10mA supply)
TSLOM is brilliant, isn't it? And Torrents are always helpful for webmasters.

And the Gay porn thing, I can see that being tough. Some poeple will find it disgusting and will struggle to stay interested enough through the whole film. Other people will be aroused by it and a three-hour stint (one film) would make anyone's balls blue. Those people who can watch a full porn film objectively must few few and far between.
I just wish I had spare disk space! I'm running fairly tight for the next couple weeks, until money arrives in the account. Would be so very welcome if more shows could be made easily available like that, officially - I dare say people would still buy the DVDs regardless in many cases, for possibly higher resolution, the case/notes, and just something they can easily slip into their or a friend's DVD player.

Certainly, I can see that job being quite hard difficult, as you say. You can't just tune it out until the next scene of interest comes along, after all, and certainly can't let yourself enjoy it, given it takes place at their office.

Ah, how many ways there must be to coyly refer to the job on one's resumé..
7 bucks an hour isn't much for that kind of work (and anyone who thinks watching pr0n for money is a great job, keep in mind that a) you have to fill out forms while you're doing it, b) you cannot fast forward when it gets boring, and c) it *will* get boring, and it will *be* boring most of the time. Oh, and d) you have to continue even after you jerk off.)

Ah well. As for the 10-year glowsticks... they don't say *how much* they glow, do they? I'd be surprised if they had any useful amount of glow left even after a few months.
Somehow I don't think that watching porn for a job would be that good... having to fill out all that info would be like when you have to watch films in your high school English class and you have to answer all these questions on it. Though maybe listing positions and clothing wouldn't be as difficult as finding metaphors and symbolism...

Hmmm, I have visions of my old English teacher making us watch porn now and discussing metaphors and symoblism afterwards o_o *shudders*

And that article is giving me the urge to go out and buy more plushies now.
(Deleted comment)
I should look into the chemistry of those glowsticks - I wonder how the different colors are actually achieved? Presumably liquid state phosphors, excited by the radiation (alpha?).. could always drop the company a line, and see if there's any prospect of such. The trade from recreational use is surely far greater than just long-term safety illumination, after all. (Or maybe not?)

Cool beans! I may have to snag a copy from you at some point, unless the torrents remain healthy into the end of the month - which seems fairly likely, I suppose. Running fairly tight on space at the moment, until I can put in an order for some DVD-Rs. And pens, which will hopefully arrive with their end caps properly secure this time.. last pack had them slightly open, so they were effectively pre-used. :-P
(Deleted comment)
D'oh! Of course. Wonder what the actual spectra of each version looks like.. it might be possible to add a filter to produce orange, but there might well be too little green in the pink, and little red in the green. But a different casing would be trivial for the manufacturer..

Ah! Coolness! Okay, I can deal with that. ^_^ I really otter just wipe Ocelot's drive at some point, given it's no longer a primary system - it's 60GB, minus Panther (which I should replace with Tiger, but then, I only ever VNC into it for video compression now, so I can let it churn away for however long without loading Hyzenthlay), and a few backups (music, mail, etc). Meanwhile, I'll see what I can do about clearing away a few gigs.
The Secret life of machines Yay!

What about a porsupah Plush!
LOL, I've noticed the stuffed animal biodiversity increasing.
Ooh! More red pandas? Oh, I wish I had my bunnies with me.. had a really nice showshoe hare, too. Well, still do, but the poor thing's stuck in one of three locations at the moment, along with most of my belongings, ever so patiently awaiting my return. >sigh<